Module 4

The most useful thing I learned in Module 4 was that multitasking isn’t as effective as you think! I multitask quite often while I am trying to get school work done and now that I know this I won’t be doing it as much in the future. Your skills aren’t as effective when you are multitasking which makes sense but I never really thought about it until now. In the future I plan on sticking to one thing at a time and put all my effort and attention to that one thing in hopes of it being done to the best of its ability (Source: Excerpted from page 17 in e-Learning Companion: A Student’s Guide to Online Success). ¬†According to the slides in the lesson even if you don’t think you are giving any attention to the tv playing in the background, you are. I plan to put myself in a situation where there are limited distractions so I can put forth all my effort to the task that I’m trying to get accomplished, most likely school work. The advice I’d give to students from this module is to do your best to stay focused by putting yourself in a good environment to succeed. Distractions effect your performance even if you don’t think it is distracting you. Put yourself in a room where you can just simply focus on whatever work you need to get done and the results will show for themselves.

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