May 10, 2024

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Rain has slowed down local Hardin County spring planting. According to the attached Ohio Crop Weather report for May 6, 26% of corn has been planted along with 20% of soybeans so far in the state. I would estimate that here in the county we are above that number, but water currently lays in some fields. Wheat has been rated as good in 56% of the fields in Ohio. Hopefully, most spring forages have been planted by now. See the attached article about Spring Forage Establishment that I submitted in early April to the news media. As you are waiting for fields to become fit for planting, you might want to read the attached article comparing Hardin County Crop Yields for 2023 with other adjacent counties. Hardin County averages for corn in 2023 was 188.8 bushels per acre, soybean was 62.1 bushels per acre, and wheat was 97.6 bushels per acre so overall it was a good crop year. Remember to take your time and be safe when you are out in the fields and on the roadways this spring.

Ohio Crop Weather Report

Spring Forage Establishment News Release

Crop Yields News Release

The Hardin County Master Gardener Volunteers have been active early this spring. They will have a children’s activity at the Market on Main Spring Fest tomorrow, May 11 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, so see the attached article for more information. Their annual MGV Plant Sale will be Saturday, May 18 at the Friendship Gardens in Kenton from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Arrive early as plants often go fast. We will also have free Ohio Victory Garden seeds available at this event. The location of the Friendship Gardens of Hardin County is 960 W Kohler Street, Kenton. See the attached article and flyer for more details. In addition, I have included an article I wrote about the Grow Ohio Project which our Hardin County OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers grow fruits and vegetables that are donated to charities around the county to help feed needy families. This past year the program continued to grow and benefit Hardin County with a total of 2313 pounds of fresh produce donated. This produce was made available weekly to four charities in addition to a couple of other charities on an occasional basis to help accomplish the goal of the Grow Ohio program. Hopefully, with the added help of new Master Gardener Volunteers, the program will increase its capacity in 2024.

Marigold Magic News Release

Hardin County Plant Sale News Release

MGV Plant Sale Flyer

Grow Ohio Project News Release

I have been trapping armyworm and black cutworm moths in local county fields since April and with the warm weather this spring, our numbers have been increasing in these six traps. See the attached OSU fact sheets on these pests of wheat and corn to learn more about them. Each Friday I make the rounds, checking the traps and crop progress. Just last Friday I added two European Corn Borer traps and will check them for the first time this afternoon. Soon I will add Corn Earworm and later Western Bean Cutworm traps around the county. In addition to monitoring the crop pest populations, our state Extension specialists make recommendations based on these results once they approach economic thresholds. You can read about this effort and other agronomic crop topics in the articles below.

Armyworm Fact Sheet

Black Cutworm Fact Sheet



Spring 2024 Weather & Soil Conditions: Update 6 – Aaron Wilson

A warm stretch of weather, with temperatures over the last 30 days averaging 3-6°F above normal, have resulted in daily average near surface soil temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for the bulk of Ohio. Forecast trends should help maintain mild soil temperatures throughout the week, with a slight drop over the weekend as cooler air moves in for Mother’s Day. Read more at


Lep Monitoring Network – Black Cutworm and True Armyworm Update # 3 – Amy Raudenbush, Mark Badertscher, Lee Beers, Trevor Corboy, Dirk Dempsey, Mary Jo Hassen, Alan Leininger, Clifton Martin, Beth Scheckelhoff, Kyle Verhoff, Brooks Warner, Jacob Winters, Curtis Young, Andy Michel, Kelley Tilmon

Week 3 of monitoring for black cutworm (BCW) and true armyworm (AMW) resulted in the highest statewide average for both pests so far this year. To monitor for BCW and AMW, wing traps are placed at the edge of corn fields and checked weekly through the end of May. Click on to find out about our insect trapping numbers statewide.


Battle for the Belt: Season 2 Episode 6 – May Weather Updates – Taylor Dill, Osler Ortez, Aaron Wilson, Laura Lindsey

In Episode 6, Dr. Aaron Wilson discusses weather for the week of May 6. Dr. Wilson also gives a weather update in an article titled “Spring 2024 Weather and Soil Conditions: Update 6” in this week’s issue of the CORN newsletter. The Wooster location planted the second planting date on Friday, May 3rd. The field conditions have been favorable. Corn and soybean planted on April 22 have germinated and are beginning to emerge ( Corn and soybean at the Wooster location were not affected by frost. More information is at


Forage Maturity Across Ohio – Jason Hartschuh

Warm weather this spring especially over the last couple of weeks has rapidly progressed forage maturity. Harvesting forages at the proper time for the livestock you are feeding is critical to farm profitability. Poor quality forages must be supplemented to maintain livestock. In the southern part of the state, many forage grasses are in head while in the northern part of the state, some varieties of Orchard grass and barnyard grass are in head but most are still in the vegetative stage but will be in head within a week. Finish reading about forage maturity at


Statewide Alfalfa Weevil Population Update #3 – Kyle Verhoff, Ryan McMichael, Nic Baumer, Nick Eckel, Frank Becker, Beth Scheckelhoff

Alfalfa weevil larvae across the state spent the past week in the peak growing degree days (GDD) ranges for feeding and development. As we get nearer to first cutting it is important to keep an eye on these pests before they can build up to economically damaging levels. Go to to find out about the level of alfalfa weevil infestation in area counties.


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