Fruit and Vegetable Crop Walk

Hardin County – There is a segment of agriculture in southeastern Hardin County that specializes in commercial fruit and vegetable production. Hardin County is also home to the Scioto Valley Produce Auction near Mt. Victory where much of this produce is sold. Hardin County OSU Extension has planned a Fruit and Vegetable Crop Walk program on Wednesday, July 19 from 6:00-8:00 pm to help with fruit and vegetable production issues. The location of the program will be on a produce farm at 17956 Township Road 245, Mt. Victory. It is open to all fruit and vegetable producers, whether they are commercial or home gardeners.

Gary Gao, OSU Extension Small Fruit Production Specialist will provide information on growing raspberries. Matt Kleinhenz, OSU Extension Vegetable Production Specialist will provide a vegetable production update, Chris Galbraith, OSU/MSU Extension Vegetable Extension Educator, Northwest Ohio will provide a weed control update. Frank Becker, OSU Extension Educator, will provide a fruit and vegetable issues update from Wayne County. Tommy Becker, OSU Extension Educator, will provide a fruit and vegetable issues update from Lorain County.

The program will be held outside so bring your lawn chair and umbrella in case of rain. There will be a diagnostic table so be sure to bring along any weeds, plant nutrition problems, plant diseases, and insect specimens in a sealed plastic bag for questions and answers. The program will conclude with a walk through a produce field or hoop house, pointing out fruit and vegetable issues and steps to properly manage them. There is no cost to attend this event.


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