Soil Health Workshop Series

Hardin County – A series of Soil Health Workshops will be held on April 4th (Beginner) and April 6th (Advanced) at the Hardin County OSU Extension Office. Jim Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services will be the main presenter. Hoorman has worked for OSU Extension for several years as a county extension educator in Putnam County and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in the Soil Health Division for Ohio and Michigan.

The first workshop will be April 4th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, with topics ranging from soil ecology and nutrient recycling, dealing with soil compaction, and putting an economic value on soil health will be discussed in the morning. In the afternoon, topics on keeping nutrients in the soil and getting started with cover crops: clovers, legumes, grasses, and brassicas will be discussed.

The second day, April 6th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, topics will include setting up a no-till planter, adjusting to adverse weather, making no-till corn succeed, and learning more about beneficial microbes. Afternoon topics include fertilizing for higher yields with micronutrients, using humic compounds to enhance fertilizer and plant growth, and dealing with pests (weeds, insects, and diseases).

Participation is limited to 25 attendees for each workshop. Sign up by calling the Hardin County OSU Extension Office at 419-674-2297. The cost of each workshop will be $25 per day which includes lunch and materials. Registration is requested by April 1. Participants can enroll in either or both days.

March 1, 2022

Good evening,

It’s that time of year again when Hardin County’s agricultural community turns its attention to the youth and livestock with several livestock banquets. After a year or in some cases two years because of the pandemic, the different livestock commodity groups are back with the Horse Banquet (February 20), Lamb Banquet (March 5), Pork Banquet (March 19), Beef Banquet (March 26), Poultry Banquet (March 26), and Goat Banquet (April 9). This year the Dairy Service Unit decided not to host a Dairy Banquet. I put together an article that is attached about the Winter Livestock Banquets in addition to separate articles though the current news release and flyer on the Poultry Banquet for you to read which contain the details and how to go about getting tickets for these “annual” events.

Livestock Banquet Season Article

Horse Banquet News Release

Lamb Banquet News Release

Pork Banquet News Release

Poultry Banquet News Release

Poultry Banquet Flyer

The Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference will be held in person March 8-9 at Ohio Northern University in Ada. The good news is that the mask requirement has now been dropped by the university and because of this, you can still register for the early bird rate of $100 for both days through March 1. After that, the rate goes up to $150 for both days, and also includes access to the recorded videos of the approximately 60 speakers. Read more about this annual conference in the attached news release and brochure. There will be a variety of topics including Soil Health, Cover Crops, No-Till, Nutrient Management, Crop Management, Water Quality and Conservation Practices, along with Alternative Crops and Hot Topics. Go to to register for this conference held in our own backyard and read about the different speakers and topics.

CTC News Release

CTC Flyer

After holding two New Fertilizer Certification training classes in February, we are gearing up for our annual Hardin County Pesticide and Fertilizer Recertification classes on March 11 and 17. There are only a few spots left so make sure you pre-register if this is your year to renew by calling the Extension office at 419-674-2297. We also have two make-up/specialty video classes scheduled for March 30 and 31 as this is our big year in the three year cycle with 70 pesticide and 100 fertilizer applicators in Hardin County alone needing recertification updates. Since the Plaza Inn put in a new bar in their back room, there is less seating so we had to schedule additional sessions. I have included both a flyer and news release with this email for more information.

Fertilizer Certification News Release

Fertilizer Certification Flyer

Pesticide-Fertilizer Recertification News Release

Hardin PAT-FACT Flyer

Have you made your ARC/PLC elections for the 2022 crop year yet? If not, make sure you make arrangements to get this taken care of before the March 15 deadline at the FSA office. If you are wanting to learn more about the farm bill election and enrollment, as well as a crop insurance primer, there is a recording of a webinar presented by Ross County OSU Extension Educator Chris Bruynis that has Hardin County examples. You can find  the recording of this webinar of the Farm Bill and Crop Insurance at and an article with additional information at written by Tuscarawas County OSU Extension Educator Chris Zoller. Let me know if you have questions.

I have included additional articles below for your review from the CORN Newsletter that you may be interested in reading. Hopefully I’ll see several of you at the upcoming training meetings and events that we have scheduled for March. If not then, maybe at one of the upcoming Hardin County livestock banquets.



CTTC Update – Masks Optional, Early Bird Registration Through March 1 – Mark Badertscher

Due to recent changes by the CDC with masking guidelines and the fact that the CDC COVID-19 transmission level for Hardin County has dropped, hospitalizations in the local area and in Ohio are declining, campus COVID case numbers are decreasing, and that severity continues to remain low, Ohio Northern University has indicated that masks are now optional in public indoor spaces on the ONU campus which includes the buildings that house the Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference. Read more at


Using the Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator – Eric Richer

Throughout this winter meeting season, fertilizer has been a hot topic. Generally, the discussion has been around nitrogen price and availability. Most of us have little to no influence on price or availability, but as a farmer, you decide your corn (and wheat) nitrogen rates, assuming you can get the nitrogen product you want. Your corn nitrogen rate could likely cost $100 per acre more in 2022 as compared to the year prior and nitrogen will probably surpass seed as the most expensive variable cost per acre this year. Finish reading this article at


Corn College and Soybean School Recordings Available – Laura Lindsey, Amanda Douridas

Did you miss our Corn College and Soybean School this year? We have you covered! Check out the AgCrops Team YouTube channel for all the recordings. Recordings include: Soybean Management for 2022 by Dr. Laura Lindsey; Corn Management for 2022 by Dr. Osler Ortez; Soybean Cyst Nematode and Other Soilborne Pathogens by Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora; Field Crop Diseases: Emphasis on Corn Tar Spot by Dr. Pierce Paul; Insects Are Full of Surprises: Field Crop Gotchas by Dr. Kelley Tilmon; Corn Insect Management by Dr. Andy Michel; 2022 Weed Management Update for Corn and Soybeans by Dr. Mark Loux; and Meeting Nutrient Needs for Corn and Soybean by Dr. Steve Culman. Click on to access these videos and more.


Considerations for managing P & K in 2022 – Greg LaBarge, Steve Culman

During this period of high prices and uncertain availability of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, a few basic soil fertility concepts can help guide application decision-making. Fortunately, the work during 2014-2020 that led to the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendation for Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa-2020 is current information we use. Here are a few key points from the Tri-States plus some other principles that may help. Go to for tips to manage fertilizer inputs in 2022.


New Enlist Labels – When Enlist is Outlawed, Only Outlaws…… – Mark Loux

Sometimes you’d like the s**t to stop hitting the fan just long enough to get cleaned up, but you can’t get a break. Like when you’re in the middle of an endless pandemic, a worldwide shipping fiasco, herbicide scarcities and price increases, and parts shortages. And just when you had it worked out to use Enlist herbicides on Enlist soybeans for 2022 so you wouldn’t have to deal with dicamba, their use is no longer legal in your county. Finish reading this article at


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