November 9, 2018

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The weather has continued to keep combines out of the field for the most part.  I have seen a few fields of corn being shelled this week, but with the wet field conditions most have held back.  Statewide, USDA estimates that 70 percent of the corn is harvested and 82% of the soybeans are harvested in Ohio.  Rainfall was reported 1.96 inches in Findlay and 2.15 inches in Lima according to attached November 5 Ohio Crop and Weather Report.  Storage has been an issue for some farmers, as grain bins that haven’t been used in a while have been repurposed or rented to others for use.  I have attached a copy of an article written by Auglaize County Extension Educator Jeff Stachler providing tips for storing corn to prevent loss from molds and insects.

Crop Weather Report

Corn Storage News Release

As deer gun season approaches this fall, keep an eye out for deer crossing the roads.  More will be moving with the corn fields being harvested and as we move into the rut period in Ohio.  Champaign County Extension is holding a Deer Processing Workshop on December 4 in St. Paris.  Auglaize County Extension is planning a New Pesticide Applicator training for December 10 in Wapakoneta.  See the attached flyers for more information if you are interested.  The Ohio No-Till Conference will be December 11 at Der Dutchman in Plain City.  See the attached Oho No-Till News for an article about this year’s event.

2018 Deer Processing Flyer

New PAT Flyer

Ohio No-Till News

Upcoming events in Hardin County include a Men’s Garden Club meeting Monday, November 12 starting at 6:30 pm at Dave McPheron’s home near Kenton.  There is a Sheep Improvement Association meeting Tuesday, November 13 starting at 7:30 pm in the Extension office.  The Soil and Water Conservation District is meeting Thursday, November 15 starting at 7:30 am in the SWCD office.  The Ag Hall of Fame committee is also meeting Thursday, November 15 starting at 6:30 pm in the Extension office.  The 2018 Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame Banquet will be held December 4 starting at 6:30 pm in St. John’s Evangelical Church in Kenton.  More information about that event is coming soon so make sure you put the date on your calendar.  See below for ag crops articles for you to read as we hope to finish harvest soon as conditions permit.




 Sampling for Soybean Cyst Nematode – Fall is the time! – Anne Dorrance

As we wait another week for the fields to dry out, this provides some time to sample soil for the SCN populations. The SCN Coalition theme for the next few years is What’s your number? Do you know where SCN is in your fields and what the current population is sitting at? If its high, then there is a second number – what is the SCN type? Which addresses the bigger question can it reproduce on the SCN resistance source PI 88788 or Peking. All of these numbers can impact management of this root pathogen and future losses. To read more about testing for SCN, go to


2018 Ohio Corn Performance Test Preliminary Results Now Available On-Line – Rich Minyo, Peter Thomison, Allen Geyer

Results from the 2018 Ohio Corn Performance Test are now available on line at: Single and multi-year agronomic data is currently available for the Southwest / West Central and North Central / Northeast regions. Upper Sandusky will be harvested when field conditions allow. Results for Upper Sandusky and the Northwest region summary will be updated immediately after harvest. The results can be accessed by following the links on the left side of the page.  Information regarding the growing season, evaluation procedures and traits will be available soon.  Additional hybrids will be added as soon as marketing information becomes available, as will the combined regional tables (which are especially helpful in assessing hybrid performance across locations).



Variable Rate Corn Seeding Considerations – Alexander Lindsey, Peter Thomison, Emerson Nafziger

As producers are planning their seed needs for next year, it is important to think about acreage, hybrids, and seeding rates. Finding the best corn seeding rate is important for efficient production, but the “optimum” corn seeding rate – the one that maximizes profitability – can vary within and among fields with small differences in soils and weather. While adoption of variable rate technology is increasing, there are still questions related to how this technology will impact seeding rates, profitability, and be impacted by yield level compared to using a uniform (or fixed) seeding rate with modern hybrids. In order to help estimate the profitability of variable rate corn seeding in the US Corn Belt, we used results of 93 seeding rate trials in Ohio (2012-2016) to see how variable the response to seeding rates was, and to see if factors like yield level might help us do a better job of setting plant populations.  Finish reading this article at


Communicating With Your Landowner Meeting November 15 – Alan Sundermeier

Farmers are invited to attend a public meeting on landowner communication.  November 15 from 9 am – noon at Luckey Farmers, Inc., Woodville, Ohio.  RSVP to Wood SWCD at 419-354-5517.  No cost to attend. Click on for more information.


FARM: Field Application Resource Monitor – Aaron Wilson

One of the missions of the State Climate Office of Ohio (SCOO; is to serve as data stewards to connect Ohioans with the weather and climate information necessary to improve lives. In an effort to provide farmers across the state with sufficient weather guidance, specifically to aid in decisions regarding the application of fertilizer and manure, SCOO has developed FARM, the Field Application Resource Monitor ( FARM is a web-based, mobile friendly tool that provides: Real-time high resolution precipitation forecasts to field(s) of interest (up to five locations), Historical precipitation forecasts (back to July 2017), and Daily email notifications if desired (text alerts coming soon). Find out more about this new app at


The Ohio State University

Mark A. Badertscher

Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator

OSU Extension Hardin County

1021 W. Lima Street, Suite 103, Kenton, OH 43326

419-674-2297 Office




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