December 13, 2013

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I’ve spent considerable time this week program planning.  There will be paper newsletter going out in regular mail to all Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension clientele in Northwest Ohio.  This Northwest Ohio Newsletter includes dates, times, and locations of upcoming educational programs that will be happening in our part of the state from January through March.  Although most people can be contacted by email, we don’t have everyone’s email address and there are other people who participate in Extension programs who do not use a computer.  Also, this will give people a document that they can hold in their hand and keep track of upcoming events.  Once the final version is done, I will also send it out electronically for those who prefer that format.

Also, the OSU Extension Agronomic Crops Team has updated their calendar and it can be found at  This calendar contains most of the ag crop related programs that will be happening around the state from January through March.  I will continue to highlight events of local interest in this weekly email, but if you are interested in seeing what is being offered statewide and are willing to travel, there are some excellent programs listed.

Now that harvest is complete, you may be interested in working with your budgets. The latest corn, soybean, wheat budgets along with forage and livestock budgets can be found at  These budgets can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel and allow you to input your own numbers for planning purposes.  You can ‘pencil’ in different numbers to help make your own farm management decisions, using your own operation to answer ‘What if?’ questions.  This might be a good thing to work with in case we get all that snow they are predicting for this weekend.  I have also included some other articles for you to read that might be of interest to you.




Online Grain Marketing Series – January 7 & 21; February 4 & 18 March 4

Growers, who want to experience grain marketing using real-world strategies without any of the real-world risks, can take advantage of a series of courses taught by Dr. Matt Roberts from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Participants will learn how to use futures and options; make a marketing plan to fit their farm business; use crop insurance as a grain marketing tool; and how to understand financial statement analysis in relationship to their grain marketing plan. To find out more about this course and its companion marketing simulation, see the attached pdf file.

Online Grain Marketing Series







Seed Treatments for 2014 Soybeans  –  Anne Dorrance, Ron Hammond, Andy Michel

If we could predict or know that the planting season during 2014 would be like it was in 2012 (the dry spring), then we would say don’t treat your seed at all.  But if the season is like this past year, wet, the combinations of seed treatments did a much better job and at the higher rates.  There have been lots of questions over the past few days on what fungicides to apply; what rates to use; and are insecticides always necessary.  Here we try to parse it all out for you. To read more about soybean seed treatments, go to







Farmland Value Projected to be Flat, or Decrease in 2014 – Barry Ward

While cropland values in Ohio increased in 2012 and 2013, they are expected to remain flat or even decline in 2014, an economist from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) said. Ohio cropland value rose 12 percent this year, with bare cropland averaging $5,600 an acre, said Barry Ward, production business management leader for Ohio State University Extension. Rents at the low end of the market may have some upside potential yet as they catch up. Rents at the high end of the market will be sticky as operators may be reluctant to ask for relief after one year of low prices for fear of losing part of their land base.” “Projected budgets for Ohio’s primary crops for 2014 show the potential for little to no profits,” Ward said. “Cash rental rates will move based on where they are in relation to the current market.”  To read more, go to







Farm Management Course for Women- Annie’s Project – (6 sessions starting January 15) – Union County Extension office

Women in agriculture who are interested in taking a more active role in farm operations may sign up for Annie’s Project, a multi-part risk-management course offered by Ohio State University Extension. The workshop is being sponsored by OSU Extension offices in Champaign, Delaware and Union counties. The six-week workshop will be held at the Union County Extension Office beginning January 15, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and running consecutive Wednesdays through February 19th.  For more information, go to







Properly Applying Manure on Frozen Ground – Amanda Douridas

As a result of the frequent rains, harvest has lasted longer this year. The late harvest and wet weather may have put a halt to a lot of the planned manure applications this fall. Now, many may be considering waiting until a solid freeze to reduce compaction in the field. This is still an option for Union and Champaign county residents because we are not in a designated distressed watershed. For permitted facilities, approval must be obtained from the Ohio Department of Agriculture before applying to frozen ground. To continue reading this article, go to







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