About Me

Hello, my name is Sarah Bach, and I’m so excited to call Ohio State and Columbus my new home! I was originally born in Columbus but have since lived in a small town outside of Akron, Ohio. My college experience at Ohio State is of great importance to me as it is a chance to explore all of my interests and be involved in the community through opportunities unavailable to me before. One of these interests is service. My previous volunteering experience includes leading and mentoring children from preschool age to underclassmen at my high school. At Ohio State I have already participated in Pay It Forward’s Community Commitment and am looking for more ways to contribute to the community.

My passion for service emphasizes my desire to engage in a team and add to the success of my community. I am currently undecided in University Exploration and on track for a Spanish language minor. I have enjoyed many AP and Post-Secondary science, technology, and math classes, which is why I chose to pursue the STEM EE Scholars program. In STEM Scholars, University Exploration, and co-curricular activities I hope to explore my interests in the STEM field and apply my acquired skills and creative and hardworking attitude to benefit the world around me.


This blog serves to introduce my interests and values and track my journey at Ohio State beginning with my first semester in 2017. The ePortfolio is meant to characterize myself and highlight my meaningful experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Each category on the page holds pertinent information about myself in connection to the G.O.A.L.S. of Ohio State’s Honors & Scholars, thoughts on my future career, and artifacts detailing my interests and achievements. Thank you.