Publications and works-in-progress

Please follow this link for access to my published articles.

2018. Between the Andes and the AmazonUniversity of Arizona Press, Summer 2018.

2017. Aspirates and ejectives in Quechua-influenced SpanishSpanish in Context 14(2):159-185.

2016a.  Affective motivations for borrowing.  Language and Communication 49(70-83).

2016b. Editor, Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research.  Cambridge University Press.

2016c. Silence as control: Shame and self-consciousness in sociolinguistic positioning.  Chapter in Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research, CUP.

2016d. Introduction. In Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research, ed. Anna M. Babel, pp. xix-xxii. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge/New York.

2014a. The role of context in interpreting linguistic variables.  Boletín de Filología de la Universidad de Chile, 49(2):49-85.

2014b. Stereotypes versus Experience: Indexing regional identity in Bolivian Valley Spanish.  Journal of Sociolinguistics 18(5):604-633.

2014c.  Time and reminiscence in contact: Dynamism and stasis in contact-induced change.  Spanish in Context 11(3):311-344.

2013. Doing copying: Why typology doesn’t matter to language speakers. First author with Stefan Pfänder.  In Family Effects in Language Contact: Modeling congruence as a factor in contact-induced language change (De Gruyter).

2012.  Uso de rasgos de contacto en el español andino: la influencia de la identidad.  Neue Romania 41: El español andino. Espacios comunicativos y cambios gramaticales., Juan C. Godenzzi, Stefan Pfänder, Victor Fernandez y Philipp Dankel, eds.

2011. Why don’t all contact features act alike?  Contact features and enregistered features.  Journal of Language Contact 4(2011):56-91.

2010.  Contact and contrast in Valley Spanish.  Ann Arbor, MI: Doctoral dissertation.

2009. Dizque, evidentiality, and stance in Valley Spanish. Language in Society 38(4).

(in preparation) Perceiving isn’t believing: Divergence in levels of sociolinguistic awareness.  Article manuscript with Kevin McGowan.

(in preparation) Distributed Responsibility: Interaction, cognition, and causativity in Andean Spanish.  Article manuscript with Stefan Pfänder and Mario Soto.

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