I’m an associate professor in the Hispanic Linguistics Program of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.  I also hold courtesy appointments in the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Anthropology.  My professional interests revolve around sociolinguistics, language contact, and linguistic anthropology.  My book about language use as part of a system of social meaning in the Santa Cruz valleys of Bolivia, Between the Andes and the Amazon, was published by the University of Arizona Press in 2018.  I’m also really proud of the volume I edited with Cambridge University Press in 2016, Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research.  Check them out!

Please see my Research and Publications pages for more details about my research agenda. 

After more than fifteen years in academia, I continue to believe you can be sane and healthy and still thrive in this profession.  However, it takes some work.  For me, the main dimension of work/life “balance” has been my family.  I had my first child in graduate school and my second while on tenure track.  Let me be clear: It is not easy to be a mother and an academic.  But it can be done, and I find both roles incredibly rewarding.  For anyone out there who is juggling the early stages of an academic career and young children, you have my sympathy, and it really does get easier with time, I promise.

You can find my department website here.

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