OSU votes

The second event I attended was the OSU Votes- Civic Engagement and Education Services on September 16th. The event was held by Mitch Pinsky. The event-related to I.A. because all across the globe, every country votes, and voting is an important thing because you are trusting someone to take care of where ever you are from. In the event, I learned more about civic engagement and effective ways to stop the end of something. I learned the different forms of civic engagement which were: petitioning, protesting, writing letters, house reps, and emailing. This event relates to my academic interests because even though my major is nursing/healthcare, I still very much care about politics. I feel that voting is a major factor in politics. I mean without voting, how can we be sure that we are citizens are happy with the way our country is set up. In the event, I learned more about the most important and effective ways to dismiss a bill is to send a letter or make a phone call which I did not expect. I thought that protesting was a better way, but after seeing a lot of protests not change certain things I understood.

Racial Inequality

The first event I attended was the racial inequity of COVID-19. The event was held on September 8th with Ann Fisher. The event focused on how different races get treated by the healthcare workers and system in the US but mainly from this pandemic that we are facing right now. There was a conversation on how African Americans do not have proper healthcare. The event mentioned how African-Americans do not trust their healthcare providers. This is because it is labeled that if a black woman is in pain they are just “overreacting”. There was a situation where a black woman was not feeling good and she had to beg the healthcare workers to give her a COVID 19 test and after days of begging, they finally gave her a test and it turned out positive. This event highlighted that people of color issues do not matter and it went back into history on how women suffrage happened at such an early time, but black women could not even vote till the 50s. This relates to I.A. because this is something that happens internationally in my opinion. I think that all around the world black women get treated differently and that pain does not exist when it comes to us. I felt that the points made up in this event were 100% true and I feel devastated just thinking about this. There needs to be change in this because I have witnessed my own family members lives gone because healthcare workers were not listening to their complaints. This event showed me that this is what pushes me to want to become a nurse even more. I believe everyone deserves help no matter what there race or gender

Communities In Crisis

The event that I attended was the Communities in Crisis: COVID, Racism, and the Ongoing Struggle (Academic, Jedi) held by the center of ethnic studies. The event took place on November 17th. This event talked about a program that they have to help people who are not from the Columbus area adjust to their new lives here. They assisted people to relocate if needed. One of the problems that they addressed is how COVID has been hard on the members of the community. Their main goal is to make sure people can live here and get their education. One thing that really interested me about this event was that they mentioned that they buy land and make it a home for native people with no families. This really interested me because this is something I want to do back home. The mission of the program is to help people be successful which I think very important. This program relates to IA because it helps people learn about the lives of people who live outside of America and how challenging their transition is when coming to the United States. I really enjoyed this event and all the guest speaks very informative and generous.

Regions of Africa

The event that I attended was the Exploring regional African cultures event hosted by Fatoumatou Bah. This event was held on November 5th. Although I am African, I learned more about other African cultures and how they are different from mine. In the event, I learned more about different languages that I did not know about. I learned more about the history and development of Sierre Lione, Mozambique, and Ethiopia. This event relates to IA because it introduced new cultures from throughout the world. I really loved this program because it brought out Africa in a great view. Sometimes I feel that the media does not portray Africa in a good way and this event did the opposite of that. If I feel that it gave out a lot of information that most people did not know about Africa. One thing I did learn was that Mauritiana is considered to be in North Africa which was something that I was confused about. I am from Mauritania and it is a complicated story on determining if Mauritania is in the west or north region or Africa. Half of the people in the country consider it north while the other considers it west. The maps presented help me understand more on why people consider it north Africa. Overall I really enjoyed this amazing event.


IKS Lecture

This event was held by students that were interested in Kpop music and the backgrounds behind it. It was help on October 14th. This event highlighted how music can have an impact on social movements. Social justice is something that has been going on for generations. In the lecture, Pil Ho Kim gave us a slideshow of how Kpop has an impact on social justice movements. He mentioned how Kpop fans are the most woke people in the world and how Kpop has a lot of songs that address certain problems in the world. There was a timeline, so he showed us some songs that related to the protests of massacre and police shutdown of progressive church in 1984. Pil also showed several news articles of Kpop fans supporting political views. One example of the news article was when the fans donated 1 million dollars to black lives matter. This really made me have a better understanding of how influential Kpop is. I never really understood the hype about Kpop music, but after this lecture, it opened my eyes a lot. I feel like relates a lot to Internation affairs because a couple of weeks ago we did an assignment where we had to choose which musician we liked best and talk about why we did and each musician used their platform to address certain social justice issues going on today.


Climate Change Event

This event was held by the Latinx student association. They brought up climate change and the effects it has on our environment. This event was held on October 5th. Climate change relates to International Affairs because it is a global issue that affects multiple countries throughout the world. In the event, I learned about how human activity is one of the main reasons why climate change is happening. I also learned about ocean acidification which is the decrease in the PH of the Earth’s oceans. In the event, each of us tested our ecological footprint and found out how much the world can survive if everyone lived like a certain individual. My ecological footprint was 4.5 earths. This event really helped me learn new things about climate change and opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. This kind of intersects with my biology course because, in bio, we are currently working on an ebird project. One of our main points is that climate change is a major reason why the bird population we chose to work on is decreasing. I do not really think that climate change ties into nursing, but I can see some type of way of how it can.