About Me

My name is Lovette Azap, and I am a fourth year Biochemistry major at The Ohio State University. I am a scholar in the Health Sciences Scholars program as well as the Morrill Scholars program.

During my freshman year, I received the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program Grant to research in the Mitton-Fry laboratory in the department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy in The Ohio State University’s College of Pharmacy. My research project in this lab was published in 2019 by the American Chemical Society. Throughout the years, I have presented my research at the College of Pharmacy’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Presentations, the Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival, and was selected to present at the 2020 Harvard New England Science Symposium.

During my sophomore year, I engaged in many educational experiences abroad. I was selected for the Zambia Culture and Society study abroad experience. I was selected to receive the Gilman International Scholarship to fund this experience. During this experience, I was able to increase my cross-cultural communication skills and cultural competency by immersing into the Zambian culture. Upon speaking to many students during this time, I gained valuable insight on the gaps to attaining education and adequate medical attention in Zambia. This sparked my interest in working to increase access to the healthcare system for underprivileged populations.

During Summer 2019, I was competitively selected by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Germany Research Program. I researched at the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research in Saarbrucken, Germany for three months to research the synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives in the inhibition of Lectin A and B to combat Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Antibiotic Resistance. I was also competitively selected to present at the 2019 Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) Conference.

RISE Treffen in Heidelberg 2019

Throughout my collegiate experience, I have held the roles of a visiting researcher, shadowing student, and volunteer at the Cleveland Clinic Minority Mens’ Health Center. Here, my passion for serving underserved and low-income communities blossomed. I have worked on many research projects that centered around analyzing the socioeconomic factors that influence the patient to caregiver relationship. In addition, I have also volunteered at the Minority Mens’ Health Fair to provide patients with necessary information to increase their health literacy. Lastly, I have volunteered in many departments of Cleveland Clinic and shadowed in over 30 different surgeries in fields of Urology, Cardiovascular, and Neurosurgery.


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