Year in Review

Throughout my first year, I have learned a lot about the person that I am. I learned that I love to create and portray my voice in a powerful way that matters, which is why I have really enjoyed being on the Newsletter team for Morrill Scholars. I also learned that I love the process of being a leader in may situations and eliciting change first hand, which is where my roles as Social Chair of African Youth League, Service Chair of Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, and Service committee of Health Sciences Scholars comes into play. I also discovered I love the process of problem solving and learning new things, which is why I joined my lab, which I love a lot. Overall, my first year went really well and it was a true test of my ability to Time manage. Next year, I hope that I continue to be involved meanwhile succeeding in school.


G: Global Impact

Global Impact is very important to me as my future career heavily relies on my passion to make a change in the world. During my sophomore year, I was accepted into a study abroad course to Zambia throughout May 2019. During this trip, I have had the chance to learn more about the culture and society of the region. My favorite part about this experience thus far is when we visited an elementary class. The children has so much intelligence and passion to be something greater, and this increased my desire to travel back one day.

O: Original Inquiry

Original Inquiry is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart as research has become a very large part of my collegiate experience. My first year of college, I joined the Mitton-Fry research lab. Within this lab, I was able to develop an abundance of laboratory skills as it relates to organic synthesis within the field of Medicinal Chemistry. I have done two presentations of my work with the Mitton-Fry lab at the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and the Autumn Research Festival. This summer, I was accepted into a research position in Germany where I will join a research lab working in the field of medicinal chemistry.

A: Interview

The interview I had was with my sister. This interview was important to me because she is going to be applying to medical schools, which is an important note because I aspire to attend medical school. Our interview was great because she informed me of all the possible involvements I could have on campus to make my presence known. She also gave me a key insight into the application process and how to choose medical schools. Lastly, as we are two pre-med students she gave me advice into the classes she took throughout her past three years as well as the classes she took to prepare for the MCAT.

S: Service Hours

The James – 60. 1 hours (Locations: Emergency Department, Surgical Floor, Thoracic Oncology Clinic)

Phi Delta Epsilon Bake Sale – 4 hours

PhiDE Blanket Tying – 3 hours

MLK Day of Service – 5 hours

HSS Relay For Life – 3 hours

AYL Service Project – 4 hours

AYL Cosi Service – 3 hours

Honors and Scholars Ambassador – 15 hours

Morrill Scholars – 5 hours


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