About Me

Hello! I am an Eminence Fellow and Stamps Scholar studying Neuroscience and Public Health with a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies. As a physician of the future, I hope to perform humanitarian work with the United Nations to address women’s health disparities, combining my passion for women’s rights with my love for science. With a background in Neuroscience and Public Health Sociology, I will integrate my understanding of the human body with a perspective on the social factors influencing patient care. Alongside my medical career, I hope to apply my love for fashion to build up an environmentally sustainable fashion brand with the aim of empowering women. I am excited to see where the rest of my journey at Ohio State takes me!

Year in Review

This past year at Ohio State has been incredibly developmental for me. Over the summer, I interned online at the United Nations Temple of Understanding. I had the opportunity to engage in conversations about advocacy with interns and UN representatives from around the world. The knowledge I gained about women’s health and ecological justice inspired me to apply the knowledge I gain in my Fashion and Public Health courses to create an ethical, sustainable fashion brand.

I am also served as President of Ohio State’s chapter of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, an international nonprofit that aims to provide medical and humanitarian relief to children in Palestine and across the Middle East in collaboration with over 34 chapters of PCRF worldwide. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, my organization raised awareness about our cause and encouraged students to be involved with advocacy, fundraising, and community service opportunities across Columbus.

As a part of a research team affiliated with the Wexner Medical Center, I also began researching mindfulness meditation in relation to health and wellness. After having done research on both cognitive neuroscience and neurodegenerative disease, I feel that this research resonates most with me. I have the opportunity to assist with mindfulness interventions in populations of patients and healthcare providers alike while learning more about why these interventions are effective in reducing stress and boosting performance. I have also learned the importance of mindfulness on an organizational and societal level, which has furthered my passion for challenging the fast-fashion business model with my brand.

Additionally, I began my role as Client Relations Coordinator at MY Family Pantry, a food pantry affiliated with MY Project USA, located in the Hilltop area of West Columbus. I am grateful to have the opportunity to build connections with the clients and help to serve food to upwards of 100 families each week. To establish a community garden near the food pantry, I coordinated a collaboration between MY Project USA and Cultivate Columbus, a student organization at Ohio State that assists with building community gardens around Columbus. Establishing this garden is a small step towards promoting environmental justice and wellbeing for the residents of the Hilltop community.

Finally, I am honored to have been selected as a member of the 2023 Cohort of the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program at Ohio State this year. I am excited to develop personally and professionally through this program as I further my career as a physician and social entrepreneur.