Executive Summary

The purpose of this project was to design games that would be presented to an audience on Game Night. Interviews were held to see what other people looked for when playing a game so that a general audience could be found. The games that were chosen to be created were Blackjack, Over Under 7, and Hangman. Each game was made using MATLAB and was relatively simple to play once completed. The objective was to have each game running smoothly for a user to play without any flaws in the code that would “break” the game.

Each game was created in a way so that the user would enjoy playing it. In Blackjack, the game lets the player gamble with a set amount of money. Sound effects are also included in the game for whenever the player wins or loses a round. The same concept of gambling is used in Over Under 7, except instead of playing with cards, the player uses dice. However, Hangman is more of a skill-based game. The appeal of Hangman is that all words are Ohio-based, so the player is able to test their knowledge by playing the game.

In order to ensure each game had no problems, potential problems needed to be thought out during the coding process. For all three games, the game had to accommodate for the choices the player made. For example, if the player wanted to continue playing the game, the game would need to start another round, and if the player wanted to stop, the game would need to either close or return to the opening screen. Upon the completion of these games, they were tested and could not be “broken” in any significant manner, so they are all ready to be presented to and tested by an audience on Game Night.