Columbus To-Do Two!

To continue on my adventurous endeavors across Columbus, eating my way through the area, I decided to stop by North Star Café. At first glance, I liked the looks of the café, as it was covered in green plants and pretty stained wood, making for an earthy, welcoming tone. The café is a cute little place, where you order at the front and then sit down with your order number. This was slightly confusing as I wasn’t sure where to get the food or where to order at first, and to not get seated by a hostess. Then, you order, and the waitresses will then bring your food to the table for the customer to enjoy! I ate the sweet potato fries and the Thai wrap with tofu (pictured) and my sister ate the Sweet Basil Wrap. As expected from all the reviews I had heard, the food was outstandingly good! This has made me want to explore other vegan available–food places around Columbus–as it seems the food scene here is exquisite. This taught me that Columbus is a unique and diverse city, making me want to visit the other places this wonderful has to offer, such as the museums and parks. I would certainly recommend this place to anyone. The service was wonderful, the food was wonderful, and the atmosphere was wonderful.  This was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, I even brought my grandparents there a week later.  They had the same opinions and thoroughly enjoyed their food as well, both getting the Sweet Basil Wrap per recommendation of my sister. My family has been here before too and said the same reviews as everyone else. Overall, this place was equally as good as Eden Burger, which is where I ate at previously.  Both had amazing vegan options in ways that were enjoyable. Both were smaller businesses that I enjoyed giving my business and money to. Also, one benefit of eating at North Star is that they are essentially a zero-waste small business.  Their water cups are self-serve with reusable glass cups, the plates can be washed, and the utensils are washed as well! This is an added bonus, as I, as an environmental scholar and environmental science major, really enjoy the lack of waste coming from a business. Knowing that they care about their world makes this place better than it already was. I will certainly revisit this place once again, as well as visit new places around Columbus too!

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