11/16 Status Update

The team completed the root cause analysis, compiled three personas, and began identifying constraints. The team is still unsure about which specific mobility device to focus on (walkers, canes, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.); however, the majority of the problems identified involve walkers and wheelchairs. The next steps are to decide which of the root problems provide the best opportunity for a product and to begin the ideation process.

11/9 Status Update

Team has begun compiling observations into a concise document. Document includes user problem, user statement, problem statement, and metrics. Team is now working on developing different personas. Personas will be an older adult, a physical therapist, and a family member with a parent in assisted living.

An interesting find thus far has been the contribution of anxiety to how users interact with the mobility devices. Nurses note that users develop anxiety from a fear of falling. Anxiety results from different sensory inputs such as visual, sound, and touch. Regardless of end product the team needs to ensure that the device minimizes the anxiety of the user. A current solution that minimizes anxiety is adding weights to walkers which adds more stability to the users experience (shown in image below).


10/18 Status Update

The group has been conducting several onsite visits and interview over the past month.

  • October 3 – Visit Sunrise of Dublin
  • October 7 – Follow up visit at Sunrise of Dublin
  • October 10 – Interview with Dr. DiGiovine and AT Center tour
  • October 10 – Visit to Darby Glen
  • October 17 – Visit to Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber; meet with physical therapists on staff

Our next steps are to:

  • Contact suppliers – potentially shadow during in-home consultation
    • Heard back from NuMotion contact who is eager to set up a time for us to shadow
  • Continue visits to nursing homes
  • Continue independent research
    • Look into legal restrictions and financial/logistical barriers
  • Narrow our focus to pinpoint areas for design opportunities

8/28 Progress

Contacted Heartland of Dublin, Darby Glenn Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Mayfair Village Nursing Care Center, Ohio Living, Forest Hills, Woodlands of Columbus, nurses at the Wexner Center, and a contact at Martha Morehouse Pavilion. Set up dates to visit Sunrise Senior Living of Dublin, Darby Glenn, and Morehouse Pavilion. Worked on interview questions for facilities.


Meeting at Sunrise Senior Living in Dublin 10/3 at 3:30pm

Meeting at Martha Morehouse Pavilion with Dr. DiGiovine 10/10 at 8:30am

Meeting at Darby Glenn Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 10/11 at 1:00pm