Movie 《Lucy》

I watched 《Lucy》 with my roommate.

It’s a science fiction film about a woman named Lucy explored 100% of her brain power and have insight into the world by accidentally using a kind of drug, CPH4.

I think it’s not a very interesting film compared with the recently released 《Interstellar》 .

Luc Besson and Nolan are both my favorite film director, but the subject of  《Interstellar》 about time, space and fortune of human being is more broad and popular among young people.

By the way, both of the films have excellent computer animation and digital special effects.

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Thanks giving

I spend this Thanks Giving with friends.

We had lunch and dinner together, played card game.

The products on Thanks Giving are good bargain, people rushed to Outlets to buy hand bags and clothes, make-ups etc.

After the Thanks Giving, the Finals are approaching. Next week must be a tough one!

Driving Test

It is so difficult to schedule a driving test with BMV. I have to do that on Dec. 6th. It seems that there are always a group of people trying to their licenses.

Is time relative?

Is time relative? If a men is in an uninhabited island, and he doesn’t want to go out, will he need the concept of time?

I think the answer is yes. Suppose that he has a lot of apples. The apples are going bad. He knows that he should eat apple before bad. The “before” then is the concept of time. But please be careful, the “before” is also means this time is relative. For this man, there are two time points. One is the time that apples are not bad. The other is that apples are bad. There is time concept between apples and this man, because of two reasons: 1. there are relationships between this two objects; 2. one of them is changing, and this change affects the relationship. The man wants to eat apples, the apples are going bad (here let us ignore the time that this man can live). If the man doesn’t care about apples, then for him, there is no time concept between him and apple. If the apple will not change, which means that the apple is not going to bad in this case. Then time is not necessary between those two objects, the man and the apples.

Time is related to the restless. If connection is common between everything, and everything is restless, then time is exist between everything, and time is relative. If one thing is stationary, then time lose its meaning for it, which means it is forever.

Is there anything stationary? Yes, the God, and more interesting, the time.

Qianli Feng


Ok, it is snowing lightly outside. So let’s talk about it! I would not care if it gets shy for any reason!

Let’s describe how I found this. When I walked outside of the library towards Macquigg Building. I found a piece, a tiny piece of white thing flowing with the wind. Is that part of those white flowers? I do not know. I kept walking with a little doubting: could that be..? It is like passing by some old friends on a strange street, but only realising that afterwards.

Soooooo Cold in Ohio

It’s light snowing today and the temperature is below zero celsius degree.

When I rushed out door for class this morning, I failed to put up enough clothes.

So I went back home at noon to put up my feather garment.


Since I wear so much, my friends make funs on me.

My name is “Yuhan”, which pronounced exactly the same as “Protect from cold” in Chinese.



The very first snow I saw in Columbus. At the end of october, my roommate came home said: It’s snow outside. I was excited and watch out for snow. However, I found nothing.

Today, the weather looks like normal. But the snow can be seen clearly.

I look forward the heavy snow. Columbus and The Ohio State University must be beautiful with snow covered.

Carmen is not working

Carmen has experienced some technical difficulties recently and thus has been shut down for a couple of days. I just realized that there are some study materials that I need to download from Carmen have not been done yet. How should I solve this problem? Talk to professors? At least, this tells me that do everything right away.