About Me: Amanda Folck

Hello Everyone!
IMG_0212My name is Amanda Folck. I recently graduated from Clark State Community College in May 2015 with a Associate of Science Degree in Transfer Science and currently a Senior at The Ohio State University in Turfgrass Science. My background of work includes working at Folck Family Farm in
Mechanicsburg, Ohio with my family for about 10 years from taking care of the strawberries and the grounds of the farm to showing our award-winning show pigs. I have Continue reading

Class Results: Firmness and Moisture

IMG_3745Today we measured green speed, surface firmness, hardness and soil moisture (at 3 inch depth) on two putting greens (both USGA sand) and at a sports turf area. The Clegg Impact Hammer (Clegg) tested hardness (Gmax) of the turf. Firmness was tested with the FieldScout TruFirm and the Firmness Meter (picture, left). Soil moisture was tested by the TDR 300 Soil Moisture Meter. Continue reading

Playability: Firmness

A10839_1_fullGolf has increasingly moved toward firmer surfaces primarily for putting greens but also fairways.  Increasing firmness makes golf more difficult for the better players.  Firm greens for example tend to be fast, are not as receptive to golf shots (less holding characteristics).  Firmness increases with a decrease in soil moisture.  Related to that, organic matter or thatch can reduce firmness (make greens softer) so managing or removing organic matter is important.  Measuring firmness is seen with the demonstration in the video below by Karl Danneberger: Continue reading

The History, Art & Science Behind England’s Sports Grounds, Golf Courses and Gardens

GardensOn May 2016, students can have the opportunity to study abroad to England. This 2-week trip focus on the many beautiful and historic gardens and landscapes that are provided in England from Bodnant Gardens and Conwy Castle to Hampton Court. We would also be touring iconic stadiums  home to some of the big Premier League Soccer Clubs from Manchester United FC to Arsenal FC. Other sports venues includes Wimbledon Tennis Club to Royal Liverpool Golf Course to name the few places that will be visited in the trip. While exploring the many different gardens, we will also be visiting landmarks from the coastline of England to the city of London. This is a great opportunity to learn the artistic inspiration England’s gardens, golf courses, and sports pitches. We would also learn on how the landscapes that we would visit reflect history at the time and also explore the different management practices that are provided in those places.

Emirates Stadium Arsenal 3 credit hours are earned for this study abroad in Horticultural and Crop Science 5797.01. Want to learn more about the trip? There will be two information sessions about the study abroad on Tuesday October 6, 2015 and Wednesday October 28, 2015 both from 6 to 7 pm at Howlett Hall in Room 116. The price for this trip is to be determined. Click here for more information about the trip.

If you have any questions relating to the tour aspect of the trip, contact me (Pam Sherratt) at sherratt.1@osu.edu. If you have any questions relating to the financial and other means of the trip, contact Tim Hornsby at hornsby.9@osu.edu or call him at 614-292-1884.

OSU Turf Program in the News

OSU’s turf progstorymattwilliams1ram has been mentioned in The Courier, which is a newspaper from Findlay, Ohio. In the article they interviewed Nate McKinniss, who is a Senior at the Ohio State Turfgrass program. Other people they interviewed for the story was Ralph Kepple, an OSU Turfgrass alumni and current superintendent at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia and Matt Williams, the program coordinator for the research farm and coordinator of the Ohio State University Turfgrass program. Click here to look at the article!

Photo Credit: John Reitman

A Student in Ireland

Jeff Jeff is a student from Nebraska who is doing his internship in Ireland through Ohio State’s International Exchange Program. The program sends students overseas to gain experience at golf courses, sports pitches (fields)  and other green industry placements. They bring international students to the USA to do the same thing. Over the years we have placed OSU students at venues like Arsenal Football Club in England, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jeff is writing a BLOG so we can see some of the cool things he’s doing. It’s worth a read and his description of Guinness is spot on!