The Benefits of Turf

Turfgrasses play a very important role in the urban and suburban environment: soil erosion control, carbon sequestration, cooling the environment, and providing safe places for 80 million Americans to exercise and play are just a few examples. The following resources were put together for those who’d like to know more about the functional and environmental benefits of turfgrass.

Power Point Presentation* (Sherratt): The Turfgrass Industry

Publication (Sherratt, PDF): The Benefits of Turf

You Tube video presentation “The Benefits of Turf” (Sherratt, 10 mins long):


Other Resources:

Phosphorus fertilizer study, Brian Horgan, PhD.

Research paper, Carly Ziter, PhD.:Current and historical land use influence soil-basedecosystem services in an urban landscape

National Park Service: The Benefits of Turfgrass

Research paper, James B Beard, PhD.: Role of Turf in Environmental Protection

UMN: Environmental Benefits of a Healthy, Sustainable Lawn


*Some of the images in the presentation were taken by turf grass peers. For example, some of the soil erosion images were taken by Dr. Mike Goatley at Virginia Tech. and are used with kind permission.







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