Surface Playability Results

On Wimg_3040ednesday Nov. 16th the HCS 3370 Sports Turf Management class measured playing quality at the OTF Research Facility. Students measured green speed, surface firmness, hardness and soil moisture (at 3 inch depth) on a putting greens (USGA sand), a sports turf area (perennial ryegrass on sand:soil blend) and artificial turf.

A stimpeter and soccer ball roll apparatus measured speed (ball roll). The Clegg Impact Hammer (Clegg) tested hardness (Gmax) of the turf. Firmness was tested with the Firmness Meter. Soil moisture was tested by the TDR 300 Soil Moisture Meter.

The results are summarized below.


In the comment section below, answer the following questions:

  1. Which surface was “fastest?
  2. How do you think speed affects ball performance in games like golf & soccer? Give an opinion as to why soccer players may prefer natural grass over synthetic/artificial.
  3. Which surface was “hardest”?
  4. How does soil moisture affect surface hardness?

You can answer these Qs for an extra bonus point!

4 thoughts on “Surface Playability Results

  1. 1. The putting green
    2. Golf turf is more delicate and hard, causing the smaller golf ball to roll faster. Soccer players probably prefer natural grass over turf because the way the ball rolls better.
    3. The putting green was the hardest for sure.
    4. If the soil is very dry, the surface of the turf is much harder.

  2. 1. The putting green is the fastest surface.

    2. On a golf course the ball will roll faster because the ground is harder as well as the ball being small but for soccer its easier to play on grass because of the natural bounce it gives to the ball.

    3. The putting green as well as being the fastest is also the hardest surface.
    4. When the soil is hard due to lack of irrigation or just lack of rain it makes the turf much harder.

  3. 1. Putting green.
    2. The golf turf is hard and delicate which causes the small golf ball to roll at a faster rate. Soccer players usually prefer natural grass because the ball rolls better, and has a more predictable bounce.
    3. The putting green was the hardest and fastest surface.
    4. The more dry the soil is, the harder the turf becomes.

  4. 1. The putting green.
    2. The speed of the surface will affect how the the ball plays on the surface. A fast surface will allow for more roll. Soccer players prefer a natural surface over artificial because the speed of the surface is slower allowing for more ball control and better playability.
    3. The artificial turf was the hardest surface.
    4. The more moisture in the soil, the softer the surface will become.

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