The Benefits of Late Season Fertilizer

NitrogenFall  Ohio State University faculty detail below the benefits of LATE-SEASON FERTILIZATION for golf courses, sports fields, lawns and other high quality turfgrass areas.  They emphasize that the application of nitrogen fertilizers in late fall results in turfgrass that is visibly greener in color through spring/summer of the following year, and without the excessive shoot growth that typically may occur with higher than necessary fertilization in the spring.  More importantly, overall plant/turfgrass physiological health is improved for the following season. Continue reading

IOG Awards 2015

A10839_1_fullPam Sherratt is a finalist for the 2015 IOG International Ambassador of the Year. The award is given to people who made a difference in “championed British groundmanship abroad.” The IOG Awards is an awards ceremony that acknowledge the professional and upcoming professionals that have a drive and passion in working in the turfgrass industry in the United Kingdom. Sherratt, an England native, have been working within the turfgrass industry for many years and wish her the best luck with her nomination for this prestigious award!