A Student in Ireland

Jeff Jeff is a student from Nebraska who is doing his internship in Ireland through Ohio State’s International Exchange Program. The program sends students overseas to gain experience at golf courses, sports pitches (fields)  and other green industry placements. They bring international students to the USA to do the same thing. Over the years we have placed OSU students at venues like Arsenal Football Club in England, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jeff is writing a BLOG so we can see some of the cool things he’s doing. It’s worth a read and his description of Guinness is spot on!

Online Courses for OSU Students

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On Monday June 15th the summer online course HCS 3370 begins! This online course covers topics on athletic field management  and is offered via short lectures, instructional videos and podcasts. Assessment is done by quizzes, games and an assignment.

The course has 6 modules:

  • An introduction to sports turf management
  • Athletic field construction
  • Turfgrasses
  • Best management practices
  • Turf problems
  • Baseball fields

Students from all over the university have taken this course, which is offered in both maymester and summer. You don’t have to be a turf expert – just someone with an interest in sports and science, who’d like to know how they get those athletic fields ready for play!