Upcoming Events!!

Since there are so many amazing events occurring this Thursday, and our official meeting is with SPS on Tuesday, we have postponed our game night. Instead, we encourage you to attend one, or all, of these events happening.

  • The Astronomy Colloquium is at 3:00 pm on Thursday featuring Pauline Barmby from Western University. She’ll be talking about nearby galaxies and their X-ray binaries. Her talk will describe recent studies of X-ray binaries in several nearby galaxies and what they tell us about dynamical interactions, stellar populations, galactic structure, and the physical processes occurring in compact objects. The webpage for the talk is https://astronomy.osu.edu/events/astronomy-colloquium-pauline-barmby.
  • Later, Astro Society has been invited to join the Interdisciplinary Resource for Innovative Students (IRIS) workshop at 6 pm that is looking at taking the idea of space tourism and working backward to determine the steps needed in order to make this vision become a reality. IRIS thought this could be a synergy opportunity between our clubs to combine our different skill sets towards this workshop put on by Dr. Staley, an OSU professor who teaches idealized design!
  • The STEAM Factory here at OSU will be hosting a Scientist Guess-Who at 8 pm. Play along to figure out the function of miscellaneous pieces of research equipment, test your skills at Q&A in a 20-questions style guessing game, and try to figure out the research focus of our mystery guests. The program will be hosted by a student comedian from Buckeye Standup Comedy and the mystery guests will be graduate students from various STEM programs at Ohio State! Registration has not opened yet.
There will be an impromptu game night this weekend, you can be on the lookout for it on our GroupMe.

Help Anna Voelker Get to Space via the Inspiration4!

Hey Astro Society! We’d like to give some publicity to SciAccess organizer, Making Space for All owner, and former OSU Astronomy Outreach Coordinator, Anna Voelker! They are hoping to be a part of the Inspiration4 mission to space – and they need your help. They are competing for the ‘Prosperity’ seat, utilizing Shift4Shop to launch their dream business, Making Space for All! To help, be sure to like, retweet, and share Anna’s Twitter post (https://twitter.com/Anna_Voelker/status/1366224245152489472?s=20) to get Anna and Making Space for All trending on Twitter! We hope to see them succeed!

You can get your own chance at a seat by donating to St. Jude’s here!

Election Results!

Congrats to our new 2021-22 officers:

President: Caitlin O’Brien

Vice President of Events: Benjamin Weiser

Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, and Retention: Natalia Porraz

Vice President of Media: Payton Cassel

Treasurer: Hannah Parsons

Secretary: Austin Hill



The Astro Society Election Application is live! You can read about the positions up for election and choose which ones you’d like to run for. Election day is Thursday, February 25th so the application will be available until noon that day. To apply, visit here and submit an application! All positions are open and we encourage you to apply to all the positions you are interested in.

– The President is in charge of registering our club in Autumn as an official student organization at Ohio State. They work with fellow E-Board members to plan meetings and reach out to potential speakers. They handle any administrative tasks that arise and delegate tasks to the rest of the E-Board. The President oversees the planning and funding of our annual Green Bank trip, along with any other major events. They also lead our weekly, large-group meetings.

– The Vice President of Events is in charge of event planning. This includes everything from star parties to our annual Green Bank trip. For the trip to Green Bank, they work alongside the President and Treasurer to plan and fund this event. They are also in charge of the Astronomical Society Booth at the Student Involvement Fair. The Events Vice President will also take an active role in the planning of weekly meetings, including emailing speakers and communicating meeting ideas with the rest of the E-Board. They are tasked with leading the Events Committee, which includes meeting with their members weekly.

– The Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, and Retention is our newest addition to the Astro Society E-Board, and our third vice president (thrice president if you will). The main responsibility of the IDR vice-president is to be a liaison between Astro Society and UMAAC, Physics Climate and Diversity Committee, and local community outreach incentives. With the help of their committee, the IDR vice-president will also monitor the climate of Astro Society, and come up with ideas to make the club a more inclusive environment for all.

– The Vice President of Media manages all social media platforms for Astro Society, including the website. They are in charge of posting weekly to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Astro Society website must be updated weekly. They also lead the Social Media Committee.

– The Secretary manages the Astro Society email, records Astro Society meetings, and takes minutes at E-Board meetings. They send out weekly emails to members sharing important updates about the club and upcoming meetings. They also create, edit, and publish the Astro Society Newsletter every Friday, which covers space news, club meetings, campus/world space events, and more. They lead the Newsletter Committee as well to help with its creation, editing, and publishing.

– The Treasurer is one of the most important roles on the E-Board, as they manage all the finances. They are tasked with submitting programming funding requests each semester along with annual paperwork needed for the club. They are in charge of purchasing food, fundraising materials, etc. whenever needed. They work alongside the Vice President of Events and the President to plan the annual Green Bank trip and reserve bussing for any trips. They also oversee the Events Committee.

Astronomy Talk with Fraser Cain

Today we welcome Fraser Cain. Cain is the publisher of Universe Today, content creator for his YouTube channel Fraser Cain, and co-host of Astronomy Cast and Weekly Space Hangout. We’ll be having an open discussion with him about anything astronomy – spacecraft, cosmology, exoplanets, telescopes, astronomy reporting & news, ANYTHING. Come with questions and join in the discussion! We’re excited to see you there!

Exoplanets with OSU Grad Students Romy Rodriguez Martinez & Anusha Pai; November 5th Meeting

For this meeting, we welcomed Romy Rodriguez Martinez and Anusha Pai, Ohio State University graduate students researching exoplanets! Romy and Anusha discussed exoplanet science, their current research, and took our questions. Afterward, we delved into some astronomy-related acronyms, inspired by the PEPSI instrument used for Anusha’s research!


If you missed the meeting, you can watch it below.