A repository of geospatial datasets for Al Mahra and Dhofar

We have compiled a collection of geospatial datasets for the Central South Arabian mountains (CSAM) in Al Mahra, Yemen and Dhofar, Oman. They are stored in the Pangaea data repository and can be accessed here https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.902295

Included are vegetation indices, topographic variables, geomorphology metrics and a layer of fog density. The latter was calculated using a novel fog detection method, shows the average spatial variability in fog and will help improve our understanding of how fog influences vegetation patterns in the region. Vector layers of roads, places and waterpoints are also included.

The datasets can be utilized by researchers from a range of disciplines whom are conducting research in the CSAM region. More specifically, use of the datasets in the fields of geography, anthropology, archaeology, ecology and conservation is encouraged. The datasets could be used in a  range of analytical and modelling techniques or utilized early in the research process to inform research design, fieldwork logistics and/or sampling strategies.