July’s AABB Blitz

Hello AABB Team!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in the July Blitz (The AABBB)! It was great to meet some surveyors in person to clear up any confusion and get some great feedback.

It also was amazing to get so much data collected! Here’s the rundown of our Blitz results:

We had a total of 29 surveys submitted by 24 participants across 11 states! These states were MD, VA, NY, CT, NC, OH, NH, MN, MI, GA, and CA.

These surveyors observed 686 bumbles, and 104 carpenter bees in just a single day!!

8 bumble bee species were documented:

  1. Common Eastern Bumble Bee (B. impatiens)
  2. Two-Spotted Bumble Bee (B. bimaculatus)
  3. Brown Belted Bumble Bee (B. griseocollis)
  4. Half-black bumble bee (B. vagans)
  5. Confusing Bumble Bee (B. perplexus)
  6. Black and Gold Bumble Bee (B. auricomus)
  7. Golden Northern Bumble Bee (B. fervidus)
  8. American Bumble Bee (B. pensylvanicus)

And, most importantly, a whole bunch of bumble bee floral preferences that we will analyze later.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and to those who tried but were rained out. Sam and I (and the bumble bees I’m sure) are so grateful to have you all on board!

Jenan El-Hifnawi

AABB Coordinator


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