Form Viewer

As a Form Viewer, you have access to view submissions to pre-defined webforms on your website. To receive access, you’ll need your Web Content Owner or a Form Manager to request it for you.

Logging In

Once you know you have access, it’s time to log in. Go to the bottom right of any page on the website and click on the white “LOGIN” link.

This should bring you to your user profile by default. However, at the top of the page, you now have access to a limited administrative toolbar.

Navigating to a Form

To get to a list of all webforms you can access, hover over “Structure” and click on the “Webforms” option that drops down.

You should be greeted with a page that appears like the below. With a list of any webforms you have access to as well as quick links to view the form itself or a list of submissions.


Clicking on “Submissions” will bring you to a table view of every submission’s questions and answers. If there are files associated with an entry a link will be provided to download this.


You might also be noticing a “Download” button near the top of the interface. If you select this option and scroll to the bottom, there is a blue “Download” button that will let you get an Excel file of all the information in the previous table.

Logging Out

Finally, to log out of the site, you can hover over the blue Drupal 8 logo in the administration bar and click on the “Logout” link.