Access to the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) works on the basis of roles. These roles control what level of editing access is available to a particular user of a site.

For the College of Arts and Sciences, there are four major roles: Form Viewer (FV), Content Editor (CE), Content Manager (CM), and Form Manager (FM). The latter three have a corresponding training course that must be taken prior to being assigned. Additional training for two supplemental roles are also available: Research Manager (RM) and Newsletter Manager (NM). These roles focus more on specific Drupal 8 functions. You may review training materials post-course via the links on the right sidebar. →

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Responsibilites of Editors
Responsibilities FV CE CM FM
Responsible for Accessibility
Edit News/Events/People
Create News/Events/People
Edit Basic Pages
Create Basic Pages
Edit Landing Pages
Create Landing Pages
Edit Forms
Create Forms
View Form Results

If you have not taken the relevant Drupal training course, please have your Web Content Owner follow the button below to submit a ticket. If you do not know who your web content owner is, please email or