As apart of our commitment to assisting our members and other students in the CEGE Department, here is a collection of resources that we hope you find useful.

ASCE Book Exchange

We developed the Book Exchange so students in the CEGE Department can have an easier way to connect with each other to exchange materials. It is an excellent way to sell books you no longer need and a cheaper way to get books for your next set of classes.  Simply look through the instructions on the first tab of the spreadsheet and enter your textbook information on the second tab. If you find a book of interest, please email the student that posted and arrange a time and place to meet.

Employment Opportunities

To lower the volume of emails sent out to students and to consolidate job postings, ASCE forwards all job opportunities received from various companies to our academic advisors. Please go to the CEGE Student website that they created to find all employment opportunities that we have forwarded on.