Project Teams

The ASCE Student Chapter at Ohio State offers a number of different project teams for our members to be a part of.  The teams allow the members to apply their knowledge to a variety of projects, and let the students work on their teamwork intangible.  Those without knowledge of the different activities are also welcome, as it allows the students to obtain an idea of concepts in things such as steel, concrete, etc. to better prepare them for their coursework.

Our biggest team is the Concrete Canoe team, which builds, well, a canoe out of concrete.  They get judged and placed based on a number of categories, including a race on a body of water.  Information about them and how to contact them can be found here.

Another project team students enjoy is the Steel Bridge team.  In this competition, the members design a bridge and practice building it under a certain time constraint (and without dropping their tools).  The bridges are judged on appearance, strength, and more.  Their information can be found here.

The Surveying team is a project team ideal for those interested in the surveying minor, or looking for experience working with surveying equipment.  Generally, the members are encouraged to belong to the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio, or PLSO, another organization at Ohio State.  Information regarding the surveying team and who to contact can be found here.

A final team that our student chapter offers is the Environmental Design team.  They are given a set of parameters for treating water using different objects.  Information on their team can be found here.

ASCE offers numerous other competition teams that our chapter currently does not have.  These teams include; Geotechnical Engineering, Site Civil Design, Balsa Wood Bridge, and Technical Paper.  To learn more about these project teams offered , follow this link.  If you have an interest in starting one of these teams, please contact our OVSC chair Xavier Lindenmayer (

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