The ASCE Student Chapter at Ohio State is a pre-professional student organization whose goal is to help its members build a network of other students, professors, and professionals.  This network helps create a more well rounded civil engineering OSU student, and is built through a number of different events held each year.  We understand the field of civil engineering isn’t just what you know, it is also about who you know. For this reason, the speaker events, socials events, tours, and project team competitions we hold are very important to us.  None of it, though, would be possible without our members.


The American Society of Civil Engineers

On top of our other events, members can attend monthly general meetings where free food is always provided.  Here they can interact with the officers of the organization, offer any advice to the chapter, learn what is going on, and meet other students through activities.  Benefits of membership and information on how to become a member can be found here.

Our project teams are arguably the most important part of what we have to offer our members.  These teams include Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, Environmental Design, and Surveying.  The members learn teamwork, how to apply and problem solve with the information they learned in the classroom, or even obtain some knowledge they haven’t yet learned.  In the spring, they compete in the Ohio Valley Student Conference (OVSC for short) against other schools in the region.  If they place high enough in the OVSC, they have the chance to compete nationally. General information on the project teams can be found here, while information on the individual teams can be found by clicking their names.

Speaker events are another great part of what OSU ASCE offers its members, providing an experience to learn outside of the classroom.  Whether it be about companies, projects, or just advice, we are always interested in having people come talk to us.  More information on speaker events, and who to contact if you or your company is interested in coming to talk to our chapter, can be found on this page.

Our officers work very hard to keep the organization running smoothly.  If there is ever a want or need to contact them, their information can be found here.

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