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Wednesday, August 5 2015


Tips for first time biomechanics teachers

Cécile Smeesters, ASB Education Committee Chair, Université de Sherbrooke

 Kimberly Edginton Bigelow, ASB Education Committee member, University of Dayton

Mike Pavol, ASB Education Committee member, Oregon State University

Wednesday, August 5 2015


Writing effective journal articles and responding to reviewers

Jonathan B Dingwell, Associate Editor for the Journal of Biomechanics, The University of Texas at Austin

Description of Tutorial 1: This tutorial will start with a presentation of the ASB Education Committee’s best tips for first time biomechanics teachers: 1) to identify what first time biomechanics teachers really need to know and do to survive their first term, and 2) to describe a few advanced teaching concepts to go further once first time biomechanics teachers are ready. A question and answer period will follow which we hope will get as much participation from our panelists as from the audience.

Description of Tutorial 2: This tutorial will discuss 3 general topics: Writing as part of one’s broader scientific reputation, writing effective journal articles themselves, and responding to reviews and reviewers. The primary focus will be less on the mechanics of the writing process itself (there are many excellent resources out there to provide this already) and instead more on the larger questions that are often glossed over in dealing with the fine details. The presentation itself will on purpose be relatively brief so as to allow as much time as possible for questions and discussions from and with the audience.

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  1. I’ve registered for the meeting, but don’t recall being given the opportunity to register for the tutorials…did I miss something? Or, is there another way to register for the tutorials? Thanks.

    • Hi Matt,

      There is no registration needed for the tutorials. You just show up! When the mobile app becomes available, you will be able to add it to your personal schedule which will let us know how many people are planning on coming.

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