We have several thought-provoking symposia planned for the meeting this year featuring leaders in the field of biomechanics:

Title Presenters
Let’s Get Younger: Educational Outreach In Biomechanics For 6th to 12th Grade Students
(organized by Paul DeVita, East Carolina University)
Jill McNitt-Gray, University of Southern California

Brian Tracy, Colorado State University

Janet Dufek, University of Nevada

Brian Davis, University of Akron

Wearable active and passive leg prostheses; Can we augment performance in people with an amputation?
(organized by Alena Grabowski, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Steve Collins, Carnegie Mellon University

Andy Hansen, Minneapolis VA Health Care System

Jeffrey Ward, SpringActive, Inc.

Francois Van Der Watt, Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics

Changing the Landscape of Injury Prevention
(organized by Robin Queen, Duke University)
Stefan Duma, Virginia Tech – Wake Forest University

Scott McLean, University of Michigan

Robin Queen, Duke University

Blaise Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University

Grand Challenges in Upper Limb Biomechanics
(organized by Steven Charles, Brigham Young University)
Steven Charles, Brigham Young University

Wendy Murray, Northwestern University

Zong-Ming Li, Cleveland Clinic

Eric Perreault, Northwestern University

Biomechanics of Pelvic Organs and Tissues
(organized by Raffaella De Vita, Virginia Tech & Steven Abramowitch, University of Pittsburgh)
Marianna Alperin, University of California, San DiegoLuyun Chen, University of Michigan

Amy Wagoner Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jun Liao, Mississippi State University

Manfred Maurer, ETH Zurich

Kristin Myers, Columbia University

ASB Fellows’ Symposium: Reflections & Advice
(organized by Richard Hughes, University of Michigan)
James Ashton-Miller, University of Michigan

Irene Davis, Harvard Medical School

Paul DeVita, East Carolina University

Rodger Kram, University of Colorado, Boulder

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