ASB 2015 Annual Meeting at a Glance – Updated 08-03-2015

ASB 2015 Annual Meeting at a Glance - Updated 07262015

The complete, detailed schedule (including poster session details) is now available!

View on the web from your laptop, desktop, or Windows mobile device:

Even better, download the native app for your iOS or Android device: or search the App Store or Google Play store for ASB, Ohio, Columbus, 2015, Biomechanics

Top 10 Things To Know About the 2015 ASB Mobile App:

  1. This the one and only program. There will be no printed program this year. The old-growth forests of Oregon and Georgia thank you.
  2. The web version requires an internet connection at all times. The native iOS and Android versions download new information when available, but otherwise don’t require any internet connection. So you can browse anywhere, anytime!
  3. PDF and large image files download the first time you view them, then cached in the app. So we highly recommend browsing the first time when you are at home or office, so that any big files you know you need are available whether or not you have a connection in a session room.
  4. The Abstracts are in a dedicated section of the App (one 100MB file) as well as individually attached to each presentation. The 2015 ASB app doesn’t have PDF search built in, but you can always open the PDF in another app on your device to allow searching. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  5. Once you view sessions by Type, Speaker, etc. you can search. The search box includes Titles and Descriptions (not abstracts or tags).
  6. We will be posting updates via the Activity Feed. These may include announcements about room changes, photos posted with the #asb2015cmh hashtag, or anything else interesting, important or fun.
  7. PLEASE USE THE MY SCHEDULE FEATURE! Do it early, do it often. Using that feature communicates directly with the Meeting Committee regarding which sessions are likely to be full and which ones aren’t. We plan to use this information as much as possible to avoid the overcrowded rooms that were a fixture of the World Congress in 2014, so if you let us know which sessions you are planning to attend by the end of the previous day, we can swap rooms for sessions.
  8. Unlike a printed program, the mobile program can be changed up to the minute. So if you find an error, please let us know by emailing so we can fix it.
  9. Vendor Bingo has been replaced by the Selfie Challenge, which runs through the mobile app. You can find it under “Conference Challenges” along with a just-for-fun scavenger hunt on the OSU campus that you can do before, during or after the Opening Reception.
  10. Please help us photo-document ASB 2015 like never before. Post your photos to the Activity Feed from within the app or by using the hashtag #asb2015cmh.

2 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Dear sir/madam:

    I am the author of submission #53 that was accepted for poster presentation. However, it does not appear in the schedule. Please update me on the status of the presentation.


    • This schedule only show podium and thematic poster presentations. General poster presenters should plan to be there for the entire 3-hour blocks on Thursday and Friday, but the specifics of which hour you’ll be presenting each poster will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

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