Price freeze! Registration prices are the same as in 2012.

Category Early BirdĀ (until May 21, 2015) RegularĀ (until July 26, 2015 11:59pm ET) Late(online only, no payments will be accepted on site)
Regular Member $400 $500 $700
Student Member $150 $200 $700
Non-Member $500 $600 $700
Student Non-Member $200 $250 $700
One-Day Admission (Th,Fr,Sa) $200
Guest Ticket for Reception $40
Guest Ticket for Banquet $65


If you are a member, please check to make sure your dues are paid and to get your membership number before you start the registration process.

If you aren’t a member, apply now! It’s a great bargain: $15 for students and $60 for professionals. Register for the meeting as a non-member (regular or student) but check the box that says you’ve applied for membership. If your application is approved before July 5, 2015, we’ll refund the difference to your credit card.


16 thoughts on “Registration

  1. If I wanted to buy a Guest ticket for the Opening Reception (3) and two banquet Tickets how can this be done online? Does not seem to be a place for it.

    Also we have a student that started this week with Qualisys which just accepted as an intern and she will accompany us to Columbus…… Student Attendance is really $700 today?

    If so Then I guess she will not attend sessions and experience ASB

    • It is an unfortunate reality that we must submit final counts by a specific date, and cannot add food for additional guests after that date. Hence, the removal of the ability to add guests or to register students after the deadline. We are always looking to improve year after year, so please provide us feedback via the post-conference survey to let us know what you liked and disliked!


  2. I am trying to register for Thursday and Friday only at the day rate of $200/day ($400 total). When I go in to register this is not an option. Please advise.

    • That is correct. This is not an option because the deadline has passed, as can be seen by the table of registration dates and fees.

      Thanks for your understanding.

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