Art & Tech Club: Reboot Meetup

Art & Tech Club Reboot Meetup Poster: Sept 13, 4-5pm, Hopkins 356

FROM: Gabriella Stauffer, Art & Tech Student Club member


ATTENTION ART AND TECHIES: A&T student club is on the lookout for NEW LEADERSHIP as the previous e-board has graduated. Please join us Next Wednesday, September 13th at 4pm in Hopkins 356 to discuss the future of the club. If you or someone you know is interested in taking on fulfilling leadership roles, developing and maintaining a thriving club of creatives, please share and join us on Sept. 13th. Linked in the poster is our Discord server, where past leadership and current members convene to share memes, talk about the club, and get feedback on artwork.

How much of a time commitment is it? E-board (executive board) is a low time commitment leadership role and can be flexible to school schedules. A board of leaders can meet as often as once or twice a week, or keep meetings fewer, meeting once a month. Meetings in the past have been done through Discord, and can be online or in-person.

What does Art and Tech Club do?

A&T club was designed to give A&T majors a place to convene and discuss personal creative growth and questions and comments about the department at large, and to foster a community of like-minded friends and teammates. It is non-exclusive and open to all majors at OSU! We have made a community of helpful peers in all walks of the art world, whether that be hobbyists or serious professionals.
What would a reboot look like? This is a fun question: that is up to you! The club is open for reimagination ✨ it can become a professional development club, or just a social club. It can be a place to meet friends, watch films, and get inspired, or it can be a thought-provoking critical analysis of media today. What kind of club do YOU want to see?

Join us to discuss!