This Artifact represents the group project that I worked on for my International Affairs Scholars Freshman Seminar. The preoject itself was on the Kurdish referendum of October 2017. I was placed in a group with three of my classmates and was instructed to do a project about a global issue. The project itself consisted of a 5 page paper that we would submit as a group and a poster that we would present to the class. Firstly, this project gave me insight into an issue that I did not know much about. I learned about the history of the Kurdish people and their fight for independence. I also learned however is how I work in a group setting. What this project helped me to do is communicate and work more efficiently with group members. Admittedly I have not always been the best in group work, but thsi experienced helped me improve myself in that way. In the future, I will use the techniques I improved in this experience to help me be more trusting of group members to do quality work, which is an issue I find that I have.

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