Antibiotic resistance (AR) has become one of the biggest challenges to public health and human society in the 21st century. AR is a very complicated issue. Recent scientific breakthroughs have illustrated that multiple risk factors across food, human and animal hosts, medicine and environment contributed to the serious problem seen today.  Excitingly, targeted and innovative controls have already led to successful AR mitigation not only in fermented dairy foods but also in host gut microbiota and feces, which are critical contributors in AR ecology. Most importantly, prompt and effective disease prevention and treatment without massive and rapid rise of AR becomes an achievable goal. Therefore it becomes vital to update the scientific community and stakeholders, to adjust the direction of investigation and investment, as well as the focus of relevant policies and control strategies, for the wellbeing of the human society.  The conference will promptly share innovative research, strategies and outcomes to minimize unnecessary economic and social losses, as well as facilitate effective, science-based systematic collaboration in the global village.


Conference coverage:

  • Antibiotic resistance, human health and food safety-the big picture

  • Antibiotic resistant pathogens: risk, surveillance and control

  • Antibiotic resistance ecology and targeted control

  • Dairy food safety and antibiotic resistance mitigation

  • Antibiotic resistance in agricultural products and environment and control strategies

  • Developing new antibiotics

  • Antibiotic resistance in the human and animal hosts and targeted controls


Conference presentation:

    Besides invited talks, limited poster and oral presentation opportunities are available for selected abstracts submitted to the conference.  A special session is arranged for junior scientists to present their work.