Global Collaboration Conference on Antibiotic Resistance Mitigation

and Food Safety: Science, Innovation and Strategies



Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Feed Toxicology Professional Committee
上海市农业科学院(主办) 饲料毒理专业委员会(协办)
The Ohio State University Shanghai Society of Microbiology
俄亥俄州立大学(共同主办) 上海市微生物学会(协办)
Fudan University Shanghi Society of Food Science
复旦大学(共同主办) 上海市食品学会(协办)




中国 · 上海


Shanghai, China

27-28 October, 2015




2015.10.26  5:00 PM-7:00 PM Registration

2015.10.27  8:15 AM-9:00 AM Registration

9:00 AM Opening

Brief Introduction: The U.S.-UK Global Innovation Initiative Project

–Dr. Hua Wang (The Ohio State University, Fudan University; Project Team Leader, U.S.-UK Global Innovation Initiative Award, Antibiotic Resistance Mitigation in the Global Ecosystem)

9:05 AM Welcome

Dr. Youming Cai, President of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Bruce McPheron, Vice President of Outreach, Dean of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University

Dr. William Brustein, Vice Provost, Global Strategies and International Affairs, The Ohio State University

Dr. Xiaoou Su, Vice-director of Institute of Quality Standard and Testing Technology for Agro-products, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chairman of Feed Toxicology Professional Committee

Dr. Li Jin, Vice President of Research, Fudan University (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

9:30 AM Opening Address

Antibiotic resistance and food safety: the global challenges and opportunities

–President Michael V. Drake, MD, The Ohio State University

9:45 AM Group Picture

10:00 AM Antibiotic Resistance: The Big Picture (I)

Conveners: Dr. Guoping Zhao (Fudan University, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Dr. Shea Fanning (University College of Dublin, Queen’s University-Belfast)

10:00 AM Innovative research and mitigation on antibiotic resistance: recent advancements.

–Dr. Hua Wang (The Ohio State University)

10: 25AM Confronting antibiotic resistance in swine.

–Dr. Thaddeus B. Stanton(Iowa State University,Fellow, American Academy for Microbiology)


11:00 AM-11:30 AM Coffee break

11:30 AM Antibiotic Resistance: The Big Picture (II)

Conveners: Dr. Hua Wang (The Ohio State University), Dr. Thaddeus B. Stanton (Iowa State University)

11:30 AM Monitoring of antibiotic residues in food animal products.

–Dr. Steven Lehotay (USDA-ARS-ERRC)

11:55 AM Emerging antibiotic resistance challenges of animal origin: a One Health perspective.

–Dr. Qijing Zhang (Iowa State University)

12: 20 PM Current status of antibiotic resistance in the clinical environment in China and therapeutic strategies.

–Dr. Minggui Wang(Fudan University, Hua Shan Hospital)

12:45 PM-1:45 PM Lunch 2:00 PM

Antibiotic Resistance Ecology

Conveners: Dr. Qijing Zhang; (Iowa State University), Dr.Zhongtang Yu (The Ohio State University)

2:00 PM Molecular characterisation of food-borne bacteria resistant to antimicrobial compounds- linking animals and humans.

–Dr. Shea Fanning(UCD)

2:25 PM Antimicrobial Resistance among bacteria from food, animal and environmental sources in New Zealand.

–Dr. Brent Gilpin(Institute of Environmental Health and Research, New Zealand)

2:50 PM    Horizontal gene transfer and antibiotic resistance plasmids in multi-drug resistant Salmonella enterica serovars.

–Dr. Chin-Yi Chen (USDA-ARS-ERRC)

3:15 PM     Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli recovered from a major produce-growing region in the U.S.

–Dr. Michelle Qiu Carter(USDA-ARS-WRRC)

3:40 PM-4:00 PM Coffee Break

4:00 PM Antibiotic Resistance Ecology and Targeted Mitigation

Conveners: Dr. Zhongtang Yu (The Ohio State University), Dr. Chunping You (Bright Dairy)

4:00 PM Development of Enteric inflammation model to reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry production.

–Dr. Lisa Bielke(The Ohio State University)

4:25 PM Effective mitigation of the largest reservoir of antibiotic resistance arising from food animal production through manure management and treatment.

–Dr. Zhongtang Yu(The Ohio State University)

4: 50 PM Antibiotic resistance mitigation and dairy food safety.

–Dr. Valente Alvarez(The Ohio State University)

6:30 PM Dinner for Speakers and Conveners



8:30 AM Antibiotic Resistance Ecology and Surveillance in China (I)

Conveners: Dr. Xianming Shi (Shanghai Jiaotong University), Dr. Yibao Nin (China Institute of Veterinary Drugs Control)

8:30 AM中国食源性致病菌耐药形成特征初探

–Xinming Shi, Xiujuan Zhou (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

8:50 AM Surveillance and sssessment of important foodborne pathogens and antibiotic resistance in China.

–Dr. Fengqin Li(Chinese National Center on Food Safety Risk Assessment)

9:10 AM中国动物源细菌耐药性检测技术体系建设与细菌耐药状况调查分析

–Dr. Yibao Nin (China Institute of Veterinary Drugs Control)

9:30 AM Dissemination of NDM in China and the discovery of ISCR1-NDM element.

–Dr. Juan Li(China CDC)

9:50 AM Development of a Method for the Analysis of Multiclass Antibiotic Residues in Milk Using QuEChERS and Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry.

–Yuanlong Wang, Chunping You, Zhenmin Liu (Bright Dairy)


10:10 AM -10:30 AM Coffee Break

10:30 AM Antibiotic Resistance Ecology and Surveillance in China (II)

Conveners:Dr. Lanming Chen (Shanghai Ocean University), Dr. Fengqin Li (Chinese National Center on Food Safety Risk Assessment)

10: 30 AM Prevalence and Characterization of Mobile Genetic Elements-Mediated Multidrug-resistant Pathogen and Lactic Acid Bacteria in Food Chain.

–Lei Shi, He Yan etc. (South China University of Science and Technology)

10:50 AM Antibiotic resistance risk factors in aquaculture ecosystems.

–Dr. Ying Huang (Young Investigator), Hua Wang (The Ohio State University, Fudan University)

11:10 AM Secretomics of antibiotic-resistant Vibrio parahaemolyticus.

–Ye He (Young Investigator), Lanming Chen (Shanghai Ocean University)

11:30 AM Novel drug resistant mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mediated by genes involved in DNA and protein metabolism.

–Qiming Li, Quanxin Long, Jianping Xie (Southwest University)

Conference Adjourn