Comet Savings & Loan Educational Internship

I went to a large high school–the largest public high school in Ohio–Mason High School. With a large high school, comes large opportunities. Within our school we housed two student run businesses: a spirit wear shop, Comet Zone, and a fully functioning bank underwritten by Fifth Third, Comet Savings & Loan. As a junior, I was accepted to work as a employee in CS&L’s marketing department. As a Senior, I had the honor of serving as a VP of Marketing and leading my own team of employees.

As a VP of Marketing, my team was given the task of creating interesting campaigns to run that would entice students and staff to open accounts with us or to transact in order to keep them connected and keep business up. CS&L has six main objectives: Increase Deposits on Hand, Increase Awareness, Increase Transactions, Increase Accounts, Increase Profit, and Make Customers Feel Welcome. Our marketing team worked specifically on increasing transactions, but as marketers, we worked with all six of the bank objectives.

Our main job was to increase our average daily transactions each month. We did this by teaming up with local restaurants and business that would donate prizes for us to entice customers with. We worked closely with data analysts to review our numbers for each month as well as numbers from past years to analyze what types of campaigns are most effective. With each campaign, we were given an allotment of petty cash, which we then had to responsibly budget out in order to maximize the budget and ensure that we would be getting a good return on investment.

Overall, this experience gave me a glimpse into the work world and what it will be like to work in the business industry. I learned how to effectively work in a team, which included equal participation, controversy with civility, and playing to each person’s individual strengths. Working with money taught valuable financial responsibility skills that can be carried over into daily life as well as the work force. Working with analysts taught analytical skills and the ability to critique our work and brainstorm ways to improve. Being able to explore our creativity in a safe environment allowed us to grow and learn from ourselves and our peers.