Year in Review

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My goal in life is to have an impact on other people’s lives, whether that be in a small or large way. I am working towards being a dentist and traveling the world with either the Peace Corps or Doctor’s Without Borders. Currently I am in Mount Leadership Society and studying zoology with a pre-dental track. While having a science based major I am challenging myself with difficult classes and am constantly finding new ways to study and review material. I participate in a lot of intramural sports and am on the member development committee in Mount. I enjoy being apart of a team and leading people to a common goal. Through Mount I have become more aware of the diversity at Ohio State and I have begun to embrace that. I have learned a lot about other cultures and religions and I consider myself to have a wide variety of close friends that I can rely on. I am also raising money to participate in BuckeyeThon to that I can do my part to help support Nationwide Children’s Hospital. All of these activities have helped me to live out the G.O.A.L.S. mentality to help pave my way to the future I want.



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Softball is something that has defined me every since I was a little girl. It has lead me to make lasting friendships, grow as an athlete, and learn to deal with adversity as well as success. I brought my glove to college because it has always been a priceless item in my eyes. It took a great deal of time to break in and become the perfect extension that I can count on every time I play the game. It also reminds me of all the experiences that I’ve had through softball that have helped me become the person that I am today. image1

About Me

I am a freshman at The Ohio State University studying zoology with a pre-dental track. I am from Perrysburg, Ohio and attended Notre Dame Academy in Toledo for high school. I played varsity softball for four years and rowed crew for three. I have played the saxophone for eight years and played in my schools orchestra as well as state and district bands. I served on student council in high school co-founded the Labre Project at my high school which works to serve food to the impoverished in Toledo. Before my senior year of high school I traveled to Nicaragua with my school on a mission trip to build a kitchen at a grade school.