Tryouts for Monday (updated)

Tryouts will be held tomorrow(10/14). Because we are no longer allowed to shoot in JO West, we will be conducting tryouts at a range 20 minutes away, Obetz. If you are interested, we will be leaving campus by 5:45pm from the parking lot in front of Busch house and returning to campus by 8pm. If you can’t attend and still want to join the team, please contact our team captain, Derek Bohl.

Sorry for all of these complications this year.

Breaking News! No archery this week

Unfortunately, practice and tryouts for this week have been cancelled due to cleaning crews being in JO West all week. For those who were planning on coming to tryouts this Thursday or next Monday, we will be delaying them until further notice, so read your emails from the club to stay up to date.

Tryouts this Thursday and next Monday!

To anyone interested, this effectively repeats the email sent on 9/25. This Thursday’s practice (10/3) will only be tryouts for the archery team where any valid club member can tryout. This will be a closed practice, so don’t come unless you want to tryout. If you can’t make it to tryouts this Thursday, there will be another set of tryouts on Monday (10/7). Practice on that Monday will continue as normal, so try to come to the Thursday tryouts. If you would like more details, please look into the sent email or ask a range master. Good luck!

First Practice Tonight

The first practice of the year will be tonight from 6pm – 8pm at our new temporary space in JO west. If you want to know how to get there, view the practice page. I personally recommend the Medical Center(MC) buses because they are numerous, and they go directly there. Hope you all enjoy!

Monday’s Pizza Social

Hi to all reading and interested. If you hadn’t already heard via email or our group chat, we will be holding a free pizza and game social at 6pm 9/9/19 in Plumb Hall(2027 Coffey Rd, Columbus, OH 43210) for everyone interested. For those who hadn’t heard, this could mean that you aren’t part of our email list, so you should definitely email the Archery Club at to fix that. . On a side note, we are still trying to find definite information regarding our practice location and will send out an email as soon as we can. Hope to see everyone at the social tomorrow!

First meeting of the year

Anyone interested in joining the OSU Archery Club should come out tomorrow (8/27) at 7pm. The location of this meeting will be in Plumb Hall – 2027 Coffey Road Columbus, Ohio 43210. To get there by bus, take any of the buses NE, CLN, CLS, BV, WC, or OW and get off at the AG campus stop which is right after the bridge.



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