How to Join

  1. Come to Practice!  You are able to come to practice whenever you would like 7-9PM on Wednesdays! Feel free to come and go as you please between those times.
  2. Once you get to Practice we will have you sign a waver to ensure you accounted for and know the risks present.
  3. We will have one of our Officers walk you through all the safety steps as well ass give you a quick lesson how to shoot, and how to use our range.
  4. After the trial period at the beginning of each year, we require dues of $50 per semester which can be paid to our treasurer
  5. As soon as you pay dues and become a full time member, fill out your DoSportsEasy. This form is required to be filled out before attending any sports club gathering at OSU. If you have filled it out for another sports club you still need to fill it out for the archery club specifically.
  6. Ask all the questions you want and have a good time!
  7. We hold an all club meeting monthly during the school year and it is required that each member attend at least two meetings per semester