First Practice of 2022

Hey everyone, our first practice of this year will take place on February 9th. This semester, practice start at 7:30pm at the French Field House. That being said, we are currently discussing when practice will end, either 9pm or 9:30pm. As usual, use the south east door of the west French Field House building. See you all at practice!

Practice Updates

Hey everyone, sorry I forgot to update this website till now. Our plans for practice changed a few weeks ago and instead of practice 3 times a week, we are now only allowed practice 1 time a week on Wednesdays. This is not what the club wanted, but we must live with this rule given by management. We are still in the French Field house, and you can access the building via the South East entrance. I hope to see everyone at practice soon!

Sept 1st Meeting Cancelled

Hey guys, unfortunately, our planned meetings this week have been cancelled by Rec Sports due to staffing issues. I repeat, no meeting tonight or tomorrow night. We should be able to begin and resume practices next week, and we will update you all on any new info. If you aren’t already, I’d recommend joining the club’s emailing list to receive information as quickly as it becomes available.

Introductory Meeting This Wednesday (Sept 1st)

Good news everyone! We have finalized our shooting locations for the 2021 fall semester in the French Field House and will be hosting our first meeting there this Wednesday (Sept 1, 2021) from 7-9PM. We need everyone to fill out their Do-Sports-Easy and wear a mask in accordance with OSU’s COVID policies. To enter the building, there is a door on the North facing side closest to the river which will roughly lead to our location. No need for any experience or equipment, just come on over and lets have fun meeting everyone!

Trivia Night on Monday

Hi all readers, on Monday (3/1) at 6:30 PM, we will be hosting a game night with Jeopardy and possibly Kahoot via zoom. If you’d like, you can make some Kahoot quizzes for us to play. The link is in the Archery Club email. If you did not receive the email or are not part of the email list, please email the club at Hope to see you all there!


Archery Club’s First Spring Semester Meeting

Hey everyone,

Just as a reminder to check your emails and messages because we have a meeting coming up. At 6:30pm on Monday (2/1), we will be hosting a zoom meeting to discuss plans for the upcoming semester as well as answer any question you have. If you are not part of the club’s emailing list yet, please email us to be added. If you have any questions, please reach out to the club via or any leadership members of the club.

Have a good weekend!!

Involvement Fair and 2021 Information

Hey everyone, congrats on surviving your first two weeks of online classes this spring. The OSU Archery Club is not dead, and we are currently in the spring involvement fair currently going on. Here, we can answer your questions about the club for this semester. In other news, we should be having a meeting next week, and we will be giving information out soon.

Fall Semester Situation

Hey everyone,

Due to the current condition of COVID-19, there will be no in-person meeting or practices during the spring semester. That being the case, we do have several ideas for the semester that you should be on the lookout for. If your are not already on our email list or group chat, please email myself or the club’s email to fix that.

Cancellation of Spring Practice

Hey everyone, due to the university’s regulation on the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and our upcoming move out (yes, I’m an underclassmen), we will be cancelling all upcoming practices scheduled for the remainder of the spring semester. While this is bad spring break news, I do hope everyone manages their upcoming online classes and stay healthy.

First Practice of the Semester Tonight!!

Hey everyone,

Thank you everyone for your patience. We finally have a location to shoot at and a time to shoot. We even have our first practice tonight from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Sorry for the short notice, but certainty wasn’t possible until we got our equipment moved over to out new location. What’s the new location, you might be asking. We are now located in the French Field House, next to St. John Arena. To get there, simply take one of the campus buses to St. John Arena, and we will be in the white building, closer to the river. Hope to see you all there!

BTW: Here’s the DoSportsEasy, it’s also in the “How to Join” tab