Homework 10: GE assignment (3/8/21)

Homework 8: Reflection Response (2/25/21)

Reflection Response

Homework 7: GE  Assignment writing (2/15/21)

Edgar Degas

Homework 6: (2/8/21)

  • Ariel representation of a cube and ground view of a cube are done in the same manner, just inverted
  • Many errors may occur if parallel lines do not match up or if vanishing lines do not converge at one point
  • To draw an angular perspective of a circle, first a square must be drawn, then an ellipse
  • Never can an angle of a cube be less than 90 degrees when doing angular perspective
  • Join a measuring point with a rear vertex. Then intersect this with a front horizontal line. This will help divide space into equal parts
  • In order to make a staircase, vanishing lines are drawn using proportions that retreat at the height of the steps
  • Interior objects may be placed without geometric calculations, perspective should however affect larger volume objects

Homework 5: GE assignment research (2/1/21) GE Artists

Homework 4: Sketchbook check

Homework 3: Value Drawing (1/25/21)










Homework 2: The Secret of Drawing Homework2_Rexford  (1/13/21)

Homework 1: Create OSU blog (1/13/21)