Welad Rizk

Will Welad al Rizk brothers ever going to recover and revenge from the drug deal betrayal?
Welad Rizk is an interesting movie that was based on a true story and it is very similar to American movies that relates to drugs and robbery. The author of this movie is Tarak Alrean and he really wanted his audience to use critical thinking to find out what is really going on in the streets of Beirut. This movie was released in 2015 and takes place in Beirut in the 80s where are all the action took place. The main story of this movie is about dealing with a betrayal from one of the members of Welad al Rizk. You see, not every member who took the oath to participate in robberies and drug trafficking was truthful, and soon enough, one of them turned bitter and started to work against his brothers, thus the betrayal. This is a good thing because one member wanted to be the good guy and it is a bad thing because he betrayed his brothers.
The movie describes its story in a good way because it does it in a form of flashbacks when the member by the name of Ataf, or the guy who betrayed his brother, was discussing the group’s activities with a businessman named al Basha, and he was describing it in a flashback
form. Every story Ataf tells, goes back in time to a specific scene or activity. The group of 5 members wanted to sell drugs, rob banks, become a mafia, and have a lot of money. The group is an expert in this matter. They have been actually practising this ever since they were little kids, so the Welad of Rizk are subject matter experts and they control the streets they live in, but this is soon to be interrupted. The group started in engaging in more dangerous situations and robberies and Ataf was not a big fan of that. The entire group wasn’t happy about it either and
they were arguing maybe they should just sell drugs instead because it is safier that way. When the group failed in their robberies, the group leader named Rade said that the group should
switch from robberies to drug selling. He said “ نبطل راح يعني نبطل راح” which means that they are going to quit from doing all these dangerous missions. But did they say this because they were afraid about the group, and was Ataf really the good guy and he didn’t want to stay in the group,
or was this just another mission and that was the plan? This is where the movie takes a different turn and some of the things that happened in the movie or the things that Ataf said to al Basha was just another set up that the group tried to pull off. Like I said, the group is a subject matter expert and they know what they are doing.
The movie was overall great and it was one of those movies that makes you believe that what you see is what’s going to happen but in reality, it was all a part of a plan and the movie reveals what is really going on towards the end. This is one of the movies that you need to watch it one time to realize what is really going on, and then watch it a second time to connect the ideas.
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