Jordan Myers

myersPast Undergraduate Researcher
Past Lab Members

Jordan is interested in the biology and ecology of both aquatic and marine systems, as well as the and potential applications of research in these fields for conservation purposes. Since starting in the Aquatic Biogeochemistry Laboratory, he has developed an interest in learning how biogeochemical processes can be applied to conservation strategies as well, particularly with regards to nutrient cycling and food webs.

He has been working closely with Steve Gougherty as an undergraduate assistant on his project, and, working with Dr.Bauer and Steve, developed his current research project. This project is testing for evidence of a priming effect inaquatic systems. In soils, the priming effect is well-documented, but the limited aquatic studies are less conclusive. Jordan’s current project uses microcosms containing water from the Olentangy River to examine the effect of labile OC inputs on recalcitrant OC in aquatic systems. This research is important because it can contribute to the limited database of knowledge on this effect in aquatic systems, and ultimately, to knowledge on the role of aquatic systems on the global carbon cycle.

Areas of Expertise
  • Terresrial DOM in Streams/Rivers
  • B.S., 2015, Evolution, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.