Picture for bauer.362

Dr. James Bauer
Principal Investigator

        • Marine and Aquatic Biogeochemistry
        • Organic Matter Cycling
        • Isotope Biogeochemistry


Amber Bellamy
Past Lab Member
Fish and Wildlife Biologist at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

        • Allochthonous OM in Food Webs


Picture for thomasevans.1Thomas Evans
SUNY-ESF Graduate Student

        • Lamprey Ecology
        • Biogeochemistry

Picture for gougherty.2

Steven Gougherty
Research Associate at Michigan State…

        • Production of Plant Root Exudates

Picture for hossler.3Dr. Katie Hossler
Wright State University, Assistant…

        • Wetland Biogeochemistry
        • Stream/River Biogeochemistry
        • Aquatic Food Web Ecology

Picture for jones.3948Parker Jones
Peace Corp Volunteer

        • Woody Debris and Carbon Cycling


Picture for kelsey.38

Scott Kelsey
Research Technician and Lab Manager,…

        • Stream Biogeochemical Processes

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Jordan Myers
Past Undergraduate Researcher

        • Terresrial DOM in Streams/Rivers


Picture for weber.873Amy Weber
Past Lab Manager

        • Ecology of Freshwater Mussels