A Day in the Woods Tentative Program Schedule for 2018

We’ve still got lots of details to work out, but here is the tentative schedule for A DAY in the WOODS, 2nd Friday Series for 2018.

March 23th – Bonus-Sky Dance– Program on the American Woodcock. Starting at 6:30 PM. Space is limited, No Registration fee; Jackson County Ohio near Coalton. Learn about the biology and ecology of the American woodcock (a.k.a. timberdoodle). If weather cooperates observe one of nature’s oddest spectacles, the mating ritual of the male timberdoodle

May 11th – Non-timber Forest Products & Wildflowers (Edibles). 9 am to 3:30 pm; Vinton Furnace State Forest. Registration fee $12. Learn about spring wildflowers and some of the edible and medicinal plants and fungi that are found in the spring woods.

June 8th – Breeding Birds. 8 am start time to enhance bird view opportunities. Vinton Furnace State Forest. Registration fee $12. Start the day exploring the Vinton Furnace for song birds. Learn to ID by song. Learn about breeding bird ecology and the important role that breeding birds play.

July 13th – Tree & Shrub Identification. 9 am to 3:30 pm. Location to be determined. Registration fee $12. Learn the basics of Tree and shrub identification with a focus on leaves and summer characteristics.

August 10th – Introduction to Woodland Stewardship Opportunities. 9 am to 3:30 pm. Vinton Furnace State Forest. Registration fee $12. This program will focus on techniques and resources available to enhance your woodland resources.

September 14th – Timber Harvesting. 9 am to 3:30 pm. Zaleski State Forest– Zaleski CCC Camp. Registration fee $12. Visit an active or recently closed timber sale. Learn how to make sure that your timber harvest is compatible with the goals that you have for your woodland.

October 12th – Fall Treasures in Your Woodland. Fungi, Lichens and more… 9 am to 3:30 pm. Vinton Furnace State Forest. Registration fee $12. Explore the forest in search of fungi, lichens and other organisms that are present in the fall. Learn about the ecology and function of these often overlooked organisms.

November 9th – Understanding Woodland Wildlife Habitat and the Critters that Rely on it. 9 am to 3:30 pm. Vinton Furnace State Forest. Registration fee $12. Learn about the various woodland wildlife habitats that can be found in Appalachian Ohio. Discover techniques that you can use to monitor the habitat in your woods.

A SATURDAY in the WOODS – Family Event. Date to be Determined. Noon to 9:30 pm. Vinton Furnace State Forest. Registration fee to be determined. We have not worked out the details yet, but we are planning to offer a Saturday event kids from 1 to 100. This event will provide multiple opportunities to explore the forest and its inhabitants. We hope to end the day with a night program focusing on night skies and nocturnal animals.


Thanks again to all of our partners who are integral in making A DAY in the WOODS possible.

“A DAY in the WOODS – 2nd Friday Series” brochure now available

Our brochure for the 2016 A DAY in the WOODS- 2nd Friday Series brochure is now available electronically.  Thanks to all of you who helped to pull this program together for 2016.

Link to PDF version of the brochure: 2016 DAY in the WOODS Brochure-Final

Our friends at Glatfelter have once again offered to print this brochure for distribution.  Printed copies will soon be available at a location near you. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2016.

Brochure Cover 2016

Day in The Woods Partners