Keeping Yourself and Your Woodlands Healthy videos and resources from May 8 Now Available

Below are the videos and resources from all eight presentations from our May 8 Virtual DAY in the WOODS.   Sorry it took so long.  Thanks to all of our partners and presenters for making this happen!

Spring Migrating Birds

Zoom Recording:

PowerPoint:Migration – Shumar              Migrants – Kearns

Resources to learn more:

Health Benefits of Woodlands

Zoom Recording:

PowerPoint:Health Benefits- Bartig

Resources to learn more:

Crop Tree Management

Zoom Recording:

Resources to learn more:

Evaluate Your Roads and Trails 

Zoom Recording:

PowerPoint:Trails – Mulligan

Resources to learn more:

Boundary Marking


Resources to learn more:

Look for Spotted Lanternfly & Other Insects

Zoom Recording:

PowerPoint:  InvasiveForestInsects_Stone_DahlMay2020

Resources to learn more:

Inventory Young Oaks 

Zoom Recording:

PowerPoint:Understory Oak – Apsley

Resources to learn more:

Scout for Invasive Plants

Zoom Recording:

PowerPoint:Invasive Plants – Hayes Runkle

Resources to learn more:


“Keeping Yourself and Your Woodlands Healthy” offered by webinar on May 8

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives in many ways, but one thing we can all do safely is spend more time in the woods. This can provide much needed physical and mental health benefits, but can also benefit your woodlands.  Join us on May 8th for a virtual DAY in the WOODS ( to learn about “Keeping Yourself and Your Woodland Healthy”. This series will consist of four one-hour live sessions featuring eleven foresters and natural resources professionals.   All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing at a later date. Feel free to join any or all these sessions:

Spring Migrating Birds (9-10 am) – Matt Shumar (Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative) & Laura Kearns (ODNR-Division of Wildlife)

    • The timing of migration
    • Natural history and bird identification
    • Exciting birds to discover during migration
    • Using eBird to discover birds and contribute to science

Health Benefits of Woodlands (11 am-noon) – Jarel Bartig (USDA, Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service)

    • Mental  and Physical health benefits
    • How it works
    • Techniques you can try
    • Resources to learn more

Keeping woodlands healthy-Part 1 (1-2 pm)

    • 1:00  Improve Your Woodland: Crop Tree ManagementJim Downs (Hocking College)
    • 1:20  Evaluate  Your Roads and TrailsBob Mulligan (ODNR-Division of Forestry
    • 1:40  Maintain Your Property BoundariesMark Rickey (ODNR-Division of Forestry)

Keeping woodlands healthy-Part 2 (3-4 pm)

    • 3:00  Look for Spotted Lanternfly & Other Insects (Jamie Dahl, Central State University Extension) & Amy Stone (Ohio State University Extension)
    • 3:20  Inventory Young Oaks and Other Seedlings(Dave Apsley, Ohio State University Extension)
    • 3:40  Scout for Invasive Plants (Dave Runkle, Vinton SWCD and Eric Hayes, Athens SWCD

This program is free for all participants, but space is limited.   To login onto the webinar go to : For questions and information on how to login in contact Dave Apsley at  Be sure to visit to download the brochure and see our exciting line up for A DAY in the WOODS 2020.

“A Day in the Woods” and the “2nd Friday Series” are sponsored by the Education and Demonstration Subcommittee of the Vinton Furnace State Forest with support from Ohio State University Extension, ODNR-Divisions of Forestry and Wildlife, USDA-Forest Service (Northern Research Station, State and Private Forestry and the Wayne NF), USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Vinton-Hocking-Athens Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Central State University Extension, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Pixelle Specialty Solutions, Ohio Tree Farm Committee, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Hocking College, the Ruffed Grouse Society, and Ohio’s SFI Implementation Committee. Since 2012, “A Day in the Woods” has offered 70 programs with more than 100 presenters for nearly 3,000 woodland owners and enthusiasts just like you.

Click here to download brochure:  2020 Brochure Final

Opportunity to assist with research on Ticks in Ohio

Dr. Risa Pesapane is an assistant professor at The Ohio State University whose research program focuses on the ecology and surveillance of ticks and tick-borne pathogens. She is asking for help collecting ticks from all over the state to fill basic knowledge gaps in the distribution of ticks and their pathogens in Ohio. Ticks of any species, from any host, and any time of the year are requested. We thank you for your assistance in improving our understanding of ticks in Ohio!

Click here to download instructions on how to submit your ticks: TickSubmissionInstructions

Click here for a Be TICK Smart Brochure from the Ohio Department of Health: Be+Tick+Smart+Brochure

New video on ticks produced by Ashley Kulhanek, OSU Extension:


Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases- Videos and Information Available

New tick video now available

Tick News: (1:49 Minutes) by Ashley Kulhanek, Overview of common ticks with great images and simple graphics:

Here are some videos from our July 2019 edition of Tree-Talk focuses on ticks and tick-borne diseases.   Our special guests were ANR Educators Tim McDermott, DVM (Franklin County) and Marcus McCartney (Washington County).  Check out these videos to learn how you can protect your family, pets and livestock from the increasing threat of ticks and the diseases that they carry.

Full episode (29 minutes) including Marcus McCartney’s personal experience with Lyme disease:

Protecting yourself from ticks (3:30 minutes):

Tick removal (3:41 minutes):


Useful websites:  (click on the tick tab on the top left of the page)



A DAY in the WOODS brochure and program updates

2020 Brochure Final and the 2020 Family Day Flyer are now both available for download.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we will be holding our May 8 and June 12 programs virtually.

More detail about the content of these virtual programs will be provided on this site, via social media and through the local press when we get closer to the dates of these events.  If other changes are warranted they will also be posted on this site.  Stay safe and be sure to make the time to spend A DAY in the WOODS…



Videos now available of Forestry Bracket for OSU Extension Agricultural and Natural Resources Madness on April 6

In order to provide quality educational opportunities for Ohio’s farmers and woodland owners during these uncertain times Ohio State University Extension has launched Agriculture and Natural Resources Madness a Tournament of Education.

We worked with  our partners to provide a forestry bracket on April 6 with the following topics.  The recorded links can be found below the program descriptions.

Thinking about selling timber? Some things to consider…

Dave Apsley, OSUE and Bob Mulligan, ODNR-Division of Forestry

The future of oak is in our hands

Dave Apsley, OSUE and Jamie Dahl, CSUE

Ohio’s family forests

Jamie Dahl, CSUE and Dave Apsley, OSUE

Visit this OSU Extension web link to learn about this and other distance learning opportunities that we are providing

 Agriculture and Natural Resources Madness

2020 – A DAY in the WOODS- Tentative Program Schedule

Below is the Tentative program schedule for 2020.  A brochure with registration information will be available soon…

2020 Tentative Program Schedule

May 8 – Breeding Birds- Vinton Furnace State Forest

June 12 – Tree identification- Hocking College

July 10 – From trees to lumber-Zaleski State Forest

August 14 – Using computer software and GPS to map and manage your woodland (AM)- Zaleski SF

August 14 – Legal issues for woodland owners (PM)- Zaleski SF

September 11 – Woodland & wildlife implications of our changing times – Vinton Furnace State Forest

September 26 –  Family Day in the Woods- (Saturday) Vinton Furnace State Forest

October  9 –  Tools and equipment for managing your woodlands and wildlife habitat-Hocking College

November 13 – Building and maintaining woodland trails and roads- Vinton Furnace State Forest

December 11 – Winter tree identification- Vinton Furnace State Forest

Tree Talk Video on Crop Tree Management

Below is our latest Tree Talk video on Crop Tree Management.  If you’ve got a younger woods and are looking for ways to improve it Crop Tree Management may be just the tool for you!  Sorry it is a bit longer than we like, but we couldn’t figure out a good way to break this topic into segments.

Here are the links to the fact sheets referenced in the video:

Crop Tree Management:

Enhancing Mast Production for wildlife:

Oak and Wildlife YouTube Videos with guest Marne Titchenell

Below are three YouTube videos  from our November TreeTalk hosted by Jamie Dahl, Forest Outreach Coordinator, Central State University Extension with special guest Marne Titchenell, Wildlife Program Specialist, OSU Extension, School of Environment and Natural Resources

TREE TALK Insect Reliance Oak Ecosystems   7:12 Minutes

TREE TALK   Wildlife Forest Resources   9:13 Minutes

TREE TALK – Oak Acorns Wildlife Connection 13:53 minutes