Dave Apsley has been a Natural Resources Specialist for Ohio State University Extension since December of 2000. He focuses most of his energy on educational programs and applied research efforts aimed at improving forest management on private lands. He is chair of the Education and Demonstration Sub Committee at the Vinton Furnace State Forest. “A Day in the Woods” was established by this committee in 2012 to share sustainable woodland practices and information with private landowners, as well as woodland enthusiasts. “A Day in the Woods” could not accomplish anything with out its partners.  Below is a list of partners who make “A Day in the Woods” possible:




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  1. I have a person wanting information about the possibility of growing ginseng in an enclosed setting-possibly house plant. More for seed production than harvesting the root. Do you know of any information regarding this?

    Thank You
    Ron Becker
    Retired from Wayne County Extension,now at the Mt. Hope Produce Auction

    • Ron,

      I’m not sure how to best answer your question. However, feel free to follow-up with me, and I can look into it more.
      Below are some great reasources on ginseng that may be useful:

      Tanner Filyaw at Rural Action-Sustainable is very knowledgable on ginseng production:

      American Ginseng-Green Gold, A grower’s guide, including ginseng’s history an use by W. Scott Persons ISBN 0-914875-23-X This is also a wonderful refernce book on all things ginseng.

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